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Kamal Saleem – Why I Left Islam

February 17, 2010

Part 1 of 2

Part 2 of 2


Not A Trial, But A Terrorist Soapbox

November 24, 2009

Not A Trial, But A Terrorist Soapbox

IBD: 24 Nov. 2009

Justice: Attorney General Eric Holder’s decision to try five 9/11 plotters by a civilian court in New York rather than a military tribunal at Gitmo is already paying dividends — for the terrorists.

The five terror suspects want to use their “not guilty” pleas as a chance to voice their hate-filled beliefs and grievances against the West. In short, we’re giving them a prime-time soapbox in the most important city on Earth from which to spout their hate and recruit new adherents to their murderous cause.

We know this because Scott Fenstermaker, the attorney for terrorist suspect Ali Abd al-Aziz Ali, nephew of 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, says his client plans to “explain what happened and why they did it.”

That is, they’ll admit to doing it even while pleading not guilty, just so they can propagandize on behalf of their cause. In doing so, they not only will torture the families of the 3,000 people murdered on 9/11 with their lack of remorse. They will also get to make the case for jihad to a lot of sick minds around the world.

As Fenstermaker put it, the five will give “their assessment of American foreign policy.” And, he adds helpfully: “Their assessment is negative.” No kidding.

So while the judge may well exclude all sorts of evidence from the trial for procedural reasons, we’ll no doubt be treated to the inflammatory rantings of the terrorists themselves.

Of all the actions of the U.S. Justice Department since its inception, this may be the worst. Holder’s decision to hold the trial within blocks of 9/11’s Ground Zero is a bizarre affront to New Yorkers, reopening old wounds and making them targets for future attacks.

Wasn’t it just last week that Holder appeared before the Senate Judiciary Committee with reassurances the terrorists wouldn’t be able to use their trial for propaganda purposes?

“I’m not scared of what Khalid Sheikh Mohammed has to say at trial,” he said then, “and no one else needs to, either.”

Another question: Can a sitting attorney general really be so naive? On Monday, former Vice President Dick Cheney said it appears Holder is seeking a “show trial” for the terrorists — one the terrorists will exploit to their advantage.

“They’ll simply use it as a platform to argue their case — they don’t have a defense to speak of,” Cheney said. “It’ll be a place for them to stand up and spread the terrible ideology that they adhere to.”a


Shariah Takes Precedence over U.S. Constitution

September 4, 2009

Oak Lawn, Illinois – Hizb ut-Tahrir (HT), the international movement to re-establish an international Islamic state ­ or Caliphate – kicked off a new campaign to win American recruits Sunday afternoon in this Chicago suburb. Nearly 300 people packed the Grand Ballroom of the Hilton Hotel for its Khalifah Conference on “The Fall of Capitalism and the Rise of Islam” to listen to HT ideologues blame capitalism for World War I and World War II; the U.S. subprime mortgage meltdown; the current violence in Iraq and Afghanistan; world poverty and malnutrition and inner-city drug use.

A speaker identified as Abu Atallah even blamed capitalism for the late singer Michael Jackson’s decision “to shed his black skin.”

Hizb ut-Tahrir aims to restore the Caliphate that existed during the Ottoman Empire in Turkey. Turkish leader Kemal Ataturk abolished it in 1924 in an effort to create a secular, Europeanized state.

Security at the conference was very tight. Oak Lawn police maintained a checkpoint outside the Hilton, and local police and HT’s own security people had a substantial presence inside the hotel. In the ballroom where the conference took place, men and women were largely segregated, with men in the front and women in the back. This became a significant point of contention between HT supporters and several members of the audience who objected to this arrangement. At one point, an unidentified Hizb ut-Tahrir speaker became flustered over this line of questioning.

“Men and women,” he blurted out, must be kept separate “to prevent people from behaving like animals.”

A woman in the audience responded: “How does intermingling between men and women make you animals?” HT panelists didn’t have a persuasive answer, and soon adjourned that session.

The conference was sometimes poorly organized. There was no list of speakers, forcing reporters to sometimes guess at the spelling of speakers’ names. But HT certainly appeared to be serious about working for the larger goals of the conference: abolishing capitalism and imposing Caliphate rule over the world.

According to Hizb ut-Tahrir, the world’s social and economic problems will not be fixed until the world is governed by Shariah and the government controls all major industries. Lenders would no longer be able to charge interest, which one speaker decried as a “poisonous concept.” Charity, or zakat, was advertised as the way to alleviate “economic inequality.”

“Secular capitalism has made me devalue my skin” and “has kept my family in ghettos,” said one speaker, an African-American who went on to blame it for the fact that he smoked marijuana and his grandmother played the lottery. Capitalism, he added, is a form of economic “terrorism” and “causes us to be sent to mental hospitals.” Barack Obama’s presidency, he said, “is only a scheme or con” to trick people into thinking that things will get better under capitalism.

But time and again on Sunday, Hizb ut-Tahrir officials seemed to be playing slippery rhetorical games of their own – particularly when it came to the behavior of despotic Muslim regimes and terrorists. When a few skeptical audience members pressed speakers over the fact that Islamic governments in Iran and Saudi Arabia are despotic, conference speakers claimed those weren’t “authentic” Muslim governments and that the CIA (and by implication, the capitalist U.S. government) was to blame for the problems in those countries. In an interview with WBBM-TV in Chicago, HT deputy spokesman Mohammad Malkawi refused to specifically condemn Al Qaida and the Taliban.

Hizb ut-Tahrir has not been designated a terrorist group by the U.S. government and it insists it is only interested in instituting radical change by nonviolent means. But HT’s alumni include 9/ll mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the late Iraqi terrorist leader Abu Musab Zarqawi and would-be Hamas suicide bombers, and the group’s pro-jihadist rhetoric has led critics to label it a “conveyor belt for terrorists.”

One Muslim American group issued a statement in advance of the conference condemning Hizb ut-Tahrir’s radical ideology and challenging others to follow suit.

“Hizb ut-Tahrir preaches an ideology that calls for the destruction of the principles that America is founded on,” said Zuhdi Jasser, president of the American-Islamic Forum for Democracy. “While their words are protected by our First Amendment, their actions and movement must not be allowed to take hold. The silence of American Islamist organizations like [the Council on American-Islamic Relations] CAIR and [the Islamic Society of North America] ISNA in condemning the ideologies of Hizb ut-Tahrir and their agenda of insurgency in America speaks volumes to their own, albeit, more camouflaged Islamist agenda.”

HT’s efforts to rehabilitate its image won’t be helped by the menacing tone on display Sunday. One late-afternoon panelist suggested that modern industrial powers could fall to Muslims the way Mecca fell to Mohammed nearly 1,400 years ago.

A speaker identified by conference organizers as Imam Jaleel Abdul Adil said that “if they offer us the sun, or the moon, or a nice raise, or a passport, or a house in the suburbs or even a place to pray at the job, on the condition that we stop calling for Islam as a complete way of life – we should never do that, ever do that – unless and until Islam becomes victorious or we die in the attempt.” (To see the clip, click here.)

Later, the following dialogue ensued between the imam and a member of the audience over whether Shariah or the Constitution should be the supreme law of the land in the United States (click here to see the clip):

Audience member: “Would you get rid of the Constitution for Shariah, yes or no?”

Imam: “Over the Muslim world? Yes, it would be gone.”

Audience Member: And so if the United States was a Muslim world, the Constitution would be gone?”

Imam: “If the United States was in the Muslim world, the Muslims who are here would be calling and happy to see the Shariah applied, yes we would.”

Audience Member: “And the Constitution gone. That’s all.”

Imam: “Yes, as Muslims they would be long gone.”

While Hizb ut-Tahrir’s controversial message attracted demonstrators and some media attention, the group at least is open about its ambitions. It not only is determined to destroy capitalism — it would shred the United States Constitution as well in favor of Shariah law.


Cartoon: Interrogation Investigation

September 3, 2009


1 Sept. 09 – M. Ramirez


Guantanamo Bay Update

September 2, 2009

Guantanamo Bay Update – Another Terrorist Freed By President Obama

Dear Military Families United Member and Supporter,

Sign Our Don’t Free Terrorists Petition

As you read in your morning paper, another detainee was freed yesterday and released in Afghanistan. Mohammed Jawad, an al Qaeda operative, was arrested by Afghan police in December 2002 for throwing a grenade into a vehicle containing two US troops and an Afghan interpreter. His actions wounded three people and today Jawad is free in the same country that our brave troops are fighting in right now.
Military Families United has been at the forefront of this issue and will continue to relentlessly fight to ensure that the most effective facilities are used to hold these dangerous terrorists; right now that facility is Guantanamo Bay. Below are some news articles that we wanted to share with you concerning Mohammed Jawad.
To read MFU’s statement on Mohammed Jawad click here.
Obama Administration Releases Gitmo Detainee Mohammed Jawad
ABC News
Former Guantanamo Bay detainee Mohammed Jawad is in Afghanistan and will be released into his family’s custody today.
Kirk Lippold, former USS Cole Commander and a senior fellow at Military Families United, decried that, “in a what has become a sadly familiar pattern of decisions, the Obama Administration has released without trial Mohammed Jawad, a terrorist who attacked and wounded two U.S. soldiers and an Afghan citizen.” Lippold called the release “just the latest example of dangerous decisions made by the Administration aimed at keeping a reckless campaign promise.”
Read More
Guantanamo Detainee Released to Afghanistan
Fox News
The Obama administration reportedly has released a prisoner from the Guantanamo Bay detention camp accused of attacking U.S. troops in Afghanistan.
Kirk Lippold, former USS Cole commander and fellow at Military Families United, criticized the decision in a statement Monday, calling it part of a “sadly familiar pattern.”
“No coherent policy in the war on terror. No comprehensive plan in place to deal with the future of Guantanamo Bay detainees. No accountability for terrorists who harm our brave fighting forces,” he said.
Read More
Guantánamo Detainee Released
New York Times
The prisoner, Mohammed Jawad, who is now about 21, was flown to Kabul, the Afghan capital, in the afternoon and was released to family members late in the evening.
Mr. Jawad was arrested in Kabul in December 2002 and accused of tossing a grenade at an unmarked vehicle in an attack that wounded two American soldiers and their interpreter. The Afghan police delivered him into American custody, and about a month later he was sent to Guantánamo Bay.
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July 14, 2009

Remember Bermuda?



Great Local Article – Torturing Terrorists…What About Abortion?

June 15, 2009

Other voices: If torturing terrorists is so bad, what about unborn babies?

by Judy Bloss | Ann Arbor News

Monday June 08, 2009, 9:50 AM

We are hearing a great deal from our president lately about our values; about loss of our “moral bearings” … how we must stop violating “our ideals and our values.” We must, according to our president, “stick to who we are” in order to “restore our image in the world.”

Perhaps it is time to ask ourselves: “Who are we?” What exactly is it we are “sticking to”? We know that the president believes that many procedures ranging in severity up to and including waterboarding constitute “torture” and not simply “enhanced interrogation techniques” even when applied only to three individuals who have been determined to be:

1. Senior members of Al-Quaida or an associated group such as Jemmah Islamiyyah, Egyptian Islamic Jihad, etc.

2. Individuals who have knowledge of imminent terrorist threats against the U.S. or our allies.

3. Individuals who have had direct involvement in planning or preparing such terrorist actions.

4. Individuals who if released constitute a clear and continuing threat to the U.S. or its allies.

Techniques that are deemed by the president to constitute “torture” include:

1. Dietary manipulation (a nutritionally adequate but incredibly boring diet).

2. Nudity.

3. Attention grasp. (Frightening the prisoner by grabbing the lapels of his shirt and pulling him to the interrogator).

4. Facial slap (an insult slap, very carefully defined as to where the slap must be administered and what position the fingers must be in, etc.)

Well perhaps, you get the idea. These techniques become somewhat more severe in numbers 5-12 where twelve is sleep deprivation. The most severe technique unquestionably is waterboarding. Please “google” the “Torture Memos” and read them for yourselves. I did. Notice, please, all the safeguards that are spelled out in great detail. And observe as well that the requirement that the enhanced interrogation techniques have “no lasting effect” has been met.

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the mastermind behind the deaths of 3,000 innocent people on 9/11; the man who openly bragged about beheading Daniel Pearl with a butcher knife; the man who answered routine interrogation methods about further attacks with the cryptic remark: “Soon you will see” is alive and well. So are Abu Zubaydah, co-conspirator with KSM on the 9/11 attacks and Director of Al-Quaida terrorist training camps and Hambali, the mastermind behind the Bali bombings that killed 202 civilians and maimed many more.

Now let us compare these methods of “torture” that arguably saved thousands of American lives with the current state of American law and practice regarding unborn Americans. Mr. President, you have stated unequivocally: “We do not torture”. Indeed! The fact is, we are a people who have legitimized by court decision, executive order and with taxpayer funding, the most barbaric, brutal forms of death imaginable perpetrated on the tiniest, most vulnerable human beings at our mercy.

While you, Mr. President, served in the Illinois State Senate, you called a fully born baby a “fetus.” You often say that “words matter” and they certainly do. Could it be that you intentionally chose that particular word in order to justify leaving that fully-born baby on the counter of the hospital utility room to die? After all “fetuses” are people we can abort, but “babies” are another matter. Is this torture? If not, why not?

Or consider bathing the fetus in a salt solution that burns the skin and causes the baby to die from ingesting the solution. Is this torture? If not, why not?

Or, the method known as partial-birth abortion, where the doctor grabs the foot of the baby, pulls it from the womb, and when the head is lodged in the cervix, inserts curved Metzenbaum scisssors into the baby’s skull, opens the blades to enlarge the wound, sticks a powerful suction cannula into the opening, and sucks out the baby’s “skull contents.” Is this torture? If not, why not?

Maybe Americans would be in favor of getting rid of these “late-term abortions.” First and second trimester abortions are probably much more humane. But…are they?

Early second trimester abortions (beyond 13 weeks) are often done by a procedure in which the “doctor” twists off first one limb, then another, and then the third and fourth. The baby may well be alive not only after the first arm is removed, but also after succeeding limbs are removed. Is this torture? If not, why not?

Well then let us only do first trimester abortions. The “doctor” just inserts a cannula with very powerful suction, and shreds the baby, in the womb. Have you ever seen an ultrasound of a tiny human being trying to escape from the suction? I have. The baby looked as if he was trying to put his thumb in his mouth…for comfort…I cried. Wouldn’t you?

Is this torture? If not, why not?

To me, it seems crystal clear that we believe in torturing and killing unborn American babies, while “empathizing” with the most brutal Islamist terrorists. Is this “who we are”? If it is, do we really want to “stick to” who we are?

Judy Bloss is a resident of Ypsilanti.


Now Kill Them

April 14, 2009

Now Kill Them

By INVESTOR’S BUSINESS DAILY | Posted Monday, April 13, 2009 4:20 PM PT

Piracy: The Navy’s spectacular rescue of Capt. Richard Phillips left three of his captors at the bottom of the sea. But this wasn’t a clear enough message to the Somali pirates, who now vow to kill Americans.

Read More: Military & Defense | Sub-Saharan Africa

The full majesty of the U.S. military was laid before the ragtag sea thieves holding an American captain hostage. Spearheaded by the Navy’s highly trained SEALs, the coordinated U.S. response not only rescued Phillips, but blew away three pirates, demonstrating the stunning array of training, experience, leadership, split-second thinking and superior firepower unknown anywhere else. It was a magnificent end to a terrifying five-day ordeal.

But unfortunately this isn’t the end of the story. Pirate confederates onshore vow revenge on the U.S. and France, which rescued its own nationals from pirates this weekend, too.

“France and the U.S. will encounter unforgettable lessons,” Mohamed Hashi Yasin, a self-declared pirate spokesman, told Bloomberg News by mobile phone from the port of Eyl.

“We will take quick revenge on American ships if we don’t receive apologies,” said another. “We will not only target ships and crew in the sea, but also American agencies’ staff in Somalia.”

It’s easy to laugh at the rage of these pathetic sea thugs. But their threats must be taken seriously.

Lawless forces fired on a U.S. congressman leaving Somalia Monday, and the congressman believes this may only be the start. He may be right, because pirates are essentially an organized crime gang, and this Somali syndicate has metastasized in a failed state.

Somali pirates drew $150 million in ship ransoms from some 200 of the 20,000 ships that pass through the Gulf of Aden in the last year. They have networks of informants in ports throughout the world advising of ships approaching. They have much of what passes for the Somali government on their payroll, forking over 30% of their ransom take to corrupt officials. They have links to the 64,000 Somali-born refugees in the U.S. Most disturbingly they could make common cause with terror groups like al-Shabab.

The revenge threats signal that Somali piracy is now about more than “getting paid.” It’s about the next logical move from crime: war, with the aim of ruling the global sea trade on pirate terms.

That requires a stronger response than what’s now seen from the world community, and there’s a need to move fast.

President Obama has stated a global response is necessary, and that means the U.S. and its allies will have to show the will to take the war to the pirates onshore.

Ports that accept pirated ships must be destroyed, just as the Barbary pirate lairs once were. Coastal pirate villas must be bombed. Overseas, financing avenues will have to be broken, and collaborators in the civilized world must be busted.Just as the rescue was coordinated, so must this second stage be.

Right now for Somalia, whose coast abuts 11% of global trade, including 7% of the world’s seaborne oil, there’s no coordinated response, just every country looking out for its own nationals, using the best options it can. The U.S. is the only nation with the experience and organization to lead.

Years ago, the U.S. recognized the dangers of the criminal-to-state dynamic in Colombia, when the Medellin cartel’s four billionaire drug lords amassed enough cash and paid off enough officials to challenge the state’s very existence.

As described in Mark Bowden’s “Killing Pablo,” the U.S. brought a bigger war to these criminals and the terrorists they made common cause with, culminating in the success of Plan Colombia.

Somalia’s pirates are no different. If the pirates want to make war on the U.S. in a bid to convert their criminal spoils to terror and power, the only response is to give it to them.


Muslim Advocacy Day 10 March 2009

March 13, 2009
(Forward this to your email lists)



Tallahassee, FL
March 10, 2009


Click here for complete 50 MINUTE VIDEO of this powerful press conference

{Ahmed’s ties to terrorism}

On March 9 — 10, Ahmed Bedier, the former representative for the Hamas-affiliated Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) and “unofficial spokesman” for Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) terrorist Sami Al-Arian, held an event in Tallahassee, Florida, under the banner of his newly formed group, United Voices for America (UVA). The UVA was created, according to Bedier, to lobby the Florida legislature and to “empower” Muslims “to change Florida.”

CLICK HERE: Details of Ahmed Bedier’s Muslim Advocacy Day – SEE MUSLIM DAY PHOTOS!

Notwithstanding the right of UVA to petition and participate in government, it is also the responsibility of informed Americans to notify elected officials as to who Ahmed Bedier really is and what he actually believes.

CLICK HERE: An analysis of – The Dual Life of Pro-Terror Activist, Ahmed Bedier

{The counter to Bedier was a 5 part plan}

1. BRIEFING PACKET — Documentation of Bedier’s terrorist relations, complied in a packet, delivered to every Florida legislator.

2. PRESS CONFERENCE – Assemble high-caliber team to ALERT Florida officials to Bedier involvement with terror-related organizations and individuals.

3. LEADERSHIP — Assemble anti-jihad leadership from around Florida and America to stand with Press Conference Speakers

4. EDUCATION — Begin comprehensive educational program of Florida officials using anti-sharia material including documentaries like; THIRD JIHAD and HOMEGROWN JIHAD.

5. INVESTIGATION – Launch investigative effort to publicize political activities of Ahmed Bedier.

{It all started with this letter}

Americans Concerned for Florida
2200 Fourth Avenue North, #3
Lake Worth, FL 33461
March 9, 2009

Dear Honorable Florida Legislators, Cabinet Officials and Staff:

On March 9-10, a group with radical Islamist ties will be entering Tallahassee in an attempt to influence Florida legislators, cabinet members and staff. The organization goes by the name – United Voices for America.

United Voices for America has every right to come to Tallahassee and request a meeting with you, a Florida elected official. By the same account, you have every right to know that the person sitting across from you is part of a group led by someone who has a set of beliefs that are completely inconsistent with the principles of American Democracy and that are potentially destructive to the State of Florida.

Do not let the patriotic name fool you. This is a group that is led by a known extremist with well documented ties to terrorist groups and terrorist supporters.

The President of United Voices for America is Ahmed Bedier.

Up until May of 2008, Mr. Bedier was the Executive Director of the Tampa chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR). Prior to that, he served as the Communications Director for CAIR-Florida.

CAIR, if you don’t already know, was created by operatives from HAMAS, a Foreign Terrorist Organization listed in Section 219 of the American Immigration and Nationality Act. CAIR was named as an unindicted co-conspirator by the Justice Department in a 2008 federal trial dealing with the financing of millions of dollars to Hamas. Because of this connection to Hamas, the FBI recently issued a directive to all of its field offices stating that none of them were to hold meetings with CAIR or any of the group’s local chapters around the country.

Bedier joined CAIR in February of 2003, the same month that University of South Florida (USF) professor Sami Al-Arian was taken into custody by the FBI for his leadership role in Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ). This was no mere coincidence. Through CAIR, Bedier became Al-Arian’s “unofficial spokesman” in the media. He held press conferences for Al-Arian, he attended rallies for Al-Arian, and he used a radio show that he co-hosts to provide a forum for Al-Arian’s PIJ colleagues.

Bedier’s radio show hasn’t just been associated with PIJ. In July of 2006, an entire show was devoted to lauding Hezbollah. All three of his guests heaped praise on Hezbollah, one even describing the group as “heroic.” Another guest warned, “You can’t just keep shutting it [Hezbollah] away, because it’s always gonna rise again.”

In addition to his support for terrorist-related organizations and individuals, Bedier’s own statements are disturbing. In May of 2004, he told Congresswoman Ginny Brown-Waite, “Catholic priests pose more of a terrorism threat by having sex with young altar boys than those who flew planes into the World Trade Center.” In December of 2005, when asked by a Tampa TV talk show hostess if it was immoral to associate with PIJ, he replied, “To a certain degree. Now, before 1995 there was nothing immoral about it.” And in April of 2007, he told a crowd at USF, “People, when you corner them [Muslims], when you keep attacking them and demonizing them and treating them like animals, guess what? They’re gonna snap. And one point, somebody’s gonna retaliate, and then all hell’s gonna break loose.”

In September of 2007, Bedier’s YouTube account was shut down for a “Terms of Use” violation. On it, he had produced a video which included an individual stating to a cheering crowd, “What we pray all the time is that the state of Israel be dismantled, totally dismantled…”

In light of this information and the detailed documentation in this Briefing Pack, we ask that you do not give United Voices for America any of your attention. Though it may state otherwise, given its radical leadership, you must understand that ultimately this organization is not in town for any positive reason whatsoever.

While the majority of the Muslim community in our state are productive citizens and do not get involved in extremist causes, United Voices for America and its leader are not representative of those Muslims.

Finally, we ask that you please be suspicious of this group’s message, no matter how innocuous it seems or sounds. Ultimately, the group’s agenda will do harm to life in Florida and America.


The following signatories are simply a group of – Americans Concerned for Florida. We are a cross section of leaders from Florida and various parts of the United States who have joined together to alert the State of Florida to Ahmed Bedier and his new organization United Voices for America.


Christine Brim – Senior Vice President for Policy and Program Management – Center for Security Policy

Cynthia Lucas  – Republican Executive Committee Member  –  Florida Security Council

Rabbi Jon Hausman  –  Educator

Colonel Arthur DeRuve (Ret)  –  Florida Security Council

Greg Tighe –  President –  The Endicott Group, Inc.

Alan Bergstein –  South Florida Chairman  –  Zionist Organization of America

Erik Svane –  Writer

Pamela Geller –  Blogger –  Atlas Shrugs

Harry G Riley –  Founder –  Patriots For America

Pendra Lee Snyder –  President –  Citizens Media Group, Inc.

Gordon R. Lewis, Ph.D. –  Professor of PhilosophyRetired

Donald Edlin

Joyce Kaufman  – Radio Show Host  –   850 WFTL

May C. Long –  President/Founder –  Christians and Jews United for Israel

Jerry Gordon –  Intelligence Analyst –  Florida Security Council

Eddie Smith  – Chapter Leader  –  Act for America

Linda Harvey –   President  –  Mission America

Michael Tranchina –  Director –  Florida Security Council

Pamela Hall –  Director  –  New York-United American Committee

Marc Goldman  – Representative –  Florida Security Council

Alan Bergstein –  Representative –  Florida Security Council

Carmen Reynolds, Lt Col (Ret) –  Free lance journalist, copy editor, researcher –   USAF

Charles Jacobs –  President – Americans for Peace and Tolerance

Robert Kunst –  President –  Shalom International

David R. Goldberg –  Co-ordinator –  ACT, Palm Beach County Chapter

Claude O’Donovan  –  Representative  –  Florida Security Council

Rev. James M. Hutchens, Ph.D.  – President –  The Jerusalem Connection Intl

Mr. Kelly Cook –  National Field Director –  ACT! for America

Usama K. Dakdok –  President –  The Straight Way of Grace Ministry, Inc

Robert Spencer  –  Director –  Jihad Watch

Seth Levy

Joe Kaufman –  Chairman –  Americans Against Hate

Daniel Pipes –  Director –  Middle East Forum

Beila Rabinowitz –  Director –  Militant Islam Monitor

Colin A. Hanna –  President –  Let Freedom Ring

Guy Rodgers –  Executive Director –  ACT! for America

Don Van Curler  – Representative  –  Florida Security Council

Linda Green  –  Americans Against Hate

Don Berger –  Chapter Leader –  ACT for America Columbus Ohio Chapter

William P. McKay –  Manager –  The Clifton Corp.

Dr. Richard M. Swier, LTC, U.S. Army (Ret.) –  Publisher  –  Red County Florida

Frank Gaffney –  President –  Center for Security Policy

Greg Ringdahl –  President –  Republican Club of Central Palm Beach

Tom Trento –  Executive Director –  Florida Security Council



  • Representative Adam Hasner, House Majority Leader.

  • Tom Trento, Director, Florida Security Council; involved in the promotion and distribution of 28 million copies of the documentary, Obsession, Radical Islam’s War Against the West.

  • Joe Kaufman, Chairman, Americans Against Hate; an expert on many Islamist organizations including CAIR.

  • Dr. Richard M. Swier, Publisher of Red County — Florida; a decorated Vietnam Veteran is a retired Lieutenant Colonel, specializes in National Security issues.

  • Martin J. Mawyer; is the president and founder of Christian Action Network, a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting the traditions of the American family and defending the nation against radical Islam. Mawyer recently produced a powerful documentary (Homegrown Jihad) that uncovered 35 terrorist camps, within the borders of the United States.

  • Kelly Cook, National Field Director with Brigitte Gabriel’s Act for America; Cook directs a grassroots team of over 54,000 members,(5100 in Florida) in 270 chapters. ACT is on pace for 1 million members and 1500 chapters world-wide by winter of 2012.

  • Jerry Gordon; Intelligence Analyst; former Army Intelligence officer who served during the Viet Nam era. Mr. Gordon has published widely in such outlets as FrontPageMagazine, The American Thinker, WorldNetDaily, ChronWatch, The New English Review, Israpundit and others. He has been a frequent guest discussing Middle East issues on radio in both the U.S. and Canada. He is a graduate of both Boston and Columbia Universities.

  • Frank Gaffney, President, Center for Security Policy; Gaffney is the Founder and President of the Center for Security Policy in Washington, D.C.

Frank Gaffney making a point!


{a few examples of the coverage}


Posted on Tue, Mar. 10, 2009

Fla. Muslims at Capitol, lawmaker blasts leader

Associated Press Writer

The organizer of a day that brought nearly 200 Florida Muslims to the state Capitol to lobby politicians Tuesday was called a “known terrorist sympathizer” by a head lawmaker and others, a label the leader emphatically rejected.

House Majority Leader Adam Hasner said his colleagues should learn more about the head of Tampa-based United Voices For America before deciding whether to meet with any of the men and women at the Capitol for Florida Capitol Muslim Day. The group is about a year old and has four staff members and about 100 volunteers around the state. It had urged Muslims to come to talk to lawmakers about education and health care issues.

“All Floridians are welcome to come to Tallahassee to petition their government,” Hasner said repeatedly during a news conference on the back steps of the Capitol. “This is to draw a light onto the leader of this organization who is a known terrorist sympathizer, who is a part of an organization with ties to funding Hamas and other terrorist organizations.”

Hasner, R-Delray Beach, was talking about Ahmed Bedier, United Voices For America’s executive director. Before starting the group he was the executive director of the Tampa office of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, or CAIR. The Washington-based group was founded in 1994 and has offices in 20 states. Recently the organization was one of hundreds of Muslim individuals and groups named as unindicted co-conspirators in a terrorism-financing trial where a Texas charity was accused of helping fund Hamas. CAIR is fighting the label in court.

Bedier said Hasner’s comments linking him to “terrorists” were “absolute nonsense.”

“I’ve repeatedly spoken out against terrorists,” Bedier said, adding too that CAIR was not the organization at the Capitol on Tuesday.

“This is a distraction from his real motive of disenfranchising minority participants, Muslims, from participating in the political process,” Bedier said.

Bedier pointed to comments made in 2006 by the head of the Tampa office of the FBI who thanked him for an “open line of communication” between the agency and CAIR.

Hasner and other speakers at the afternoon news conference pointed to what they called Bedier’s role as an “unofficial spokesman” for Sami Al-Arian, a former computer science professor at Tampa’s University of South Florida once accused of being a leading Palestinian terrorist. Al-Arian, acquitted of many charges, later agreed to a plea bargain on others and was sentenced to nearly five years in prison. CAIR had supported Al-Arian during the time Bedier was in Tampa, and he was often quoted on the case.

Other participants at Tuesday’s news conference included representatives from the Florida Security Council; Americans Against Hate and Christian Action Network. A spokesman for CAIR called those groups “extremists and Islamophobics.”

Bedier said Hasner’s comments did not appear to be affecting the actions of other lawmakers, many of whom met with Muslims at the Capitol for the day. Bedier said he expected the group to meet with just under half of all lawmakers.

He said he had not heard of any lawmakers turning away people who had come to visit them because of Hasner’s comments. Hasner said he had not been contacted by representatives of United Voices for America and would not say whether he would meet with them if contacted.

Lobbying days at the Capitol are not unusual. Last week included Space Day, when space-industry groups were in town to meet with lawmakers.

Dr. Husain Nagamia from Tampa was one of the people who came to the Capitol for Muslim Day, his first trip to the Legislature. He said he had participated in the discussion of a bill on kidney dialysis, met with three lawmakers and planned to meet with another.

“It never crossed my mind that we could enter into a discussion with them. I think it’s a great success for us,” Nagamia said.



{6 important lessons for counter-jihad activists}

The response to Ahmed Bedier’s Muslim Advocacy Day was a significant tactical and strategic success that was quickly organized and professionally implemented. As we have continually stated, every Floridian has a right to petition their government, even Muslims being led astray by Mr. Bedier.

Hopefully, Mr. Bedier would agree that every American has the right to criticize Mr. Bedier and ALERT Florida officials to serious concerns held by anti-terrorism experts about Mr. Bedier’s associations.

In light of this “Free Speech” day the following lessons are instructive:

1. The anti-jihad, anti-sharia movement in Florida is a powerful educational force.

2. Citizen Activists are very organized and effectively communicating on a local and national level.

3. Anti-sharia educational programs directed at State officials are increasing on a regular basis.

4. Camaraderie and focus on the task of defeating radical Islamism is superseding ethnic and religious differences.

5. Individual commitment to morally stop any efforts at undermining the US Constitution through a “stealth jihad” methodology is growing on a daily basis, all across Florida and America.

6. Thank God for Statesmen like Rep. Adam Hasner who put principal before politics.


We truly believe our stand marked a pivotal moment in American history. As Europeans awaken this morning, they wonder… “what happened?” Sadly we know exactly “what happened,” and have decided to be out in front, protecting and defending the United States Constitution. On behalf of our counter-jihad coalition, please accept our deepest thanks to all who had a part in this important event.


Tom Trento



UK Muslim demonstrators: British government is “terrorist”

March 11, 2009

Royal Anglian Parade Luton, 10 March 2009, Muslim protesters

courtesy of



Ex-Gitmo inmate REJOIN CELLS

February 12, 2009

Detainees released from Guantanamo Bay are increasingly returning to the fight against the United States and its allies, Pentagon spokesman Geoff Morrell said Tuesday.

Sixty-one detainees released from the U.S. Naval base prison in Cuba are believed to have rejoined the fight, Morrell said, citing data from December. That’s up from 37 as of last March, he said.

..Obama wants to close the prison but has yet to say what he will do with the estimated 250 current detainees and future captives in the global war on terrorism.

USA TODAY – 14 Jan. 09


Hate Speech: Obsession?

November 19, 2008



Obsession the Movie

Obsession the Movie


Muslims in America today


Also please note the Ann Arbor News version that I was asked to send for publication (250 words).

Muslims are looking for a case of hate speech. Americans are the victim of hate speech from Islam.

Please read the very careful way I wrote this letter response to the Ann Arbor News letter to the editor – of this writer. (naive)

We are all very aware of the ‘hate speech’ threat – but Americans do not use this tactic against Islamists.


14 November 2008

Re: In Response to an Ann Arbor News Letter to the Editor: (original letter to the right)

“Obsession’ DVD is hate speech against Muslims”

Whether or not Amir A. Kamoune is an American citizen, he should know better than to make the claim of “hate speech directed against me” when he is talking about a mass mailing of anything. He tells us “I got a copy of the DVD ‘Obsession’ in the mail.” (From what I read – many millions of others did as well.) Some time ago, I watched the same film on Fox News and learned that the only hate speech shown in the film is from voices of radical Islam, targeted against him and me and the entire free world. But his letter places him on the side of being a Muslim, clearly separating himself from the rest of us. Why?

Kamoune wrote: “Non-Muslims may defend the filmmakers”, I’d guess implying that Muslims wouldn’t – or couldn’t? Many Muslims that I know, as friends, would strongly disagree with Kamoune’s viewpoint. Aren’t we always told that we shouldn’t assume that all Muslims support the terrorists, the radical Islamists? So why does Amir Kamoune take his unusual stand?

Kamoune is telling us, quite clearly, that Muslims consider this film to be against them. His words clearly tell his reader that he has placed himself on the side of these radical leaders and Imams who hate America and have plans to ‘take’ America for Islam.

He places himself on the same side as those Muslims who are spouting hate speech against America from their pulpits.

Any hate speech claim belongs to me and my fellow Americans.

The hate speech is targeted against us! and Kamoune tells us he isn’t one of us.

He emphasizes this point by specifically, in his words, identifying the “hate speech directed against me.”

“I have no doubt the film is a form of hate speech directed against me.” Well, he is mistaken. The only hate speech in the film was and is directed against America. It is directed against me – and I am offended by this hate speech against my country.

But by his own words, Kamoune clearly tells us that he isn’t on the side of America. Is he telling his readers that he is one of those who has targeted America?

We Americans would agree that the film shows us numerous examples of hate speech – all of which is directed against America and Western Civilization. That hate is against me. Yet Kamoune tries to tell us that he considers the “hate speech directed against me” “as a Muslim”. Well, he is mistaken.

Are we beginning to see where Kamoune comes from?

In his second paragraph we read an interesting sentence:
“Non-Muslims may defend the filmmakers…” So, is Kamoune telling us that Muslims wouldn’t defend the filmmakers? Muslims that I know would disagree with him.

I personally know many Muslims who would and do, in fact, defend the filmmakers – who at the same time realize the awkward position in which they find themselves.

But Kamoune clearly writes that he and his fellow Muslims certainly wouldn’t defend the filmmakers.

Why not? It seems, I’d have to assume, apparent to Kamoune that he believes all Muslims don’t like this film. Again, I know many Muslims who would disagree emphatically with Kamoune. Many Muslims in America do not agree with the hate speech directed at America and Western Civilization – but Kamoune puts himself on the side of the hate speakers shown in this film – “Obsession”. He implies quite clearly that he defends the hate speech makers – those hateful speakers shown in the film.

Then he continues his explanation: “They (non-Muslims, Americans) may claim ‘Islam has been hijacked’ by radicals and this kind of film is necessary to increase awareness of this issue.” Well, yes, that is what many good hearted Americans claim in order to defend Muslims living here in America who appear to be hard-working, friendly neighbors.

But Kamoune treats them with little respect by his next words: “However, they don’t get to define hate speech directed against me”. He makes it quite clear that this hate must be targeted at him – why?

Then, to reinforce the ‘Me’ and ‘they’ (He obviously intended to make the distinction quite clear that he isn’t one of us) he adds this interesting statement: “However, they don’t get to define hate speech directed against me.” Again, the hate speech shown in this film “Obsession” was directly at Americans and the free world and not to the viewer.

“They” and “me” – We would have to be pretty stupid not to get his distinction. He isn’t with us on this issue of a threat to America and the entire Western World – the threat of radical Islam. He clearly identifies his position – with his strongly implied hatred for the West.

“They (the film makers of the movie “Obsession”) don’t get to define hate speech” – He does!

Then quickly he turns himself into a victim. “They don’t get to define hate speech directed against me.” He is sent by mail – a DVD on a subject that quite obviously he is sensitive about – a film that has already been seen by hundreds of millions of people. (I’m pretty certain about that figure because we are told that – two years after Fox News showed this movie on television, according to Fox News, viewed by 25 million, another 28 million copies were sent to recipients all over the country.)

“Me”! and “they” – Kamoune here may have told us a lot more than he intended to tell us – with his distinctive differentiation. “Me” “As a Muslim I have no doubt that the film is a form of hate speech directed against me.” Why would he do that? Why would Kamoune put himself on the opposite side of America? Me and they? Why would he tell us, quite blatantly, that since he considers this hate speech against him and since he alone gets to define hate speech the way he wants to define it – and he wants to tell us that he believes it was directed at him – in the very next sentence he makes another unusual claim. He’s now the victim of this speech! And since now he has identified himself as the victim – he claims the right to define it! “The perpetrators do not get to practice their right of free speech”! Go back and look at his letter. Does the reader understand what this writer has said?! ‘They’ – I guess meaning us – in this writer’s opinion – ‘us’ being Americans. Let’s read that again!

His letter: “The perpetrators do not get to practice their right of free speech and then trample on my human right to be offended by it” So “his right”? – Mr. Kamoune’s “right”? “His right to be offended by it” If he is offended by it (the film I guess) then he is telling us that somehow he endorses what the recorded speakers have said – and he just wants to tell us that since we are highly offended by the hate speech recorded – he wants us to know that the hate speech targeted at Americans is OK with him – but at the same time – apparently he agrees with the ranting Imams who were preaching hate targeted at his hosts in America. But he is offended because Americans and the filmmakers are exposing radical, hate-filled speakers displaying their hate toward America.

He couldn’t have made it clearer.

Then Kamoune gets into the ‘offended’ issue by throwing out an unusual illustration:
“When a woman is raped, some jackass always says she encouraged it.” – We Americans might find this example of Mr. Kamoune kind of unusual. From what I read, when a women is raped in an Islamic country – she must have 4 witnesses to defend herself – almost an impossibility. Usually she is killed for ‘her’ crime of getting raped. It’s called “honor killing”. Often we read that her murder is preformed by her own father or a relative. She’s raped – the perpetrator goes free – and she’s killed.

Kamoune tells us he got a copy of the DVD “Obsession” in the mail – then “Because of it’s controversial nature, I forced myself to watch it from the beginning to end.” How did he already know about it’s controversial reputation before he had ever seen it?

Why would the word “Obsession” cause him to determine and use the words, “Because of it’s controversial nature”?

Then he tells us “I forced myself to watch it” adding “from beginning to end”.

He continues “As a Muslim (we already know that because he said so in his first paragraph) I have no doubt the film is a form of hate speech” adding for emphasis, I would assume, “directed against me”.

I know about this movie “Obsession” from seeing it 2 or 3 times on Fox News television a few years ago (2006). It was widely discussed by Fox News reporters and guests – so I’d have to assume that Mr. Kamoune knew all about “Obsession” at least for a couple of years. Fox News invited a great deal of discussion about this production. Millions of Americans have seen the movie. But now, after all this time, Kamoune is telling us that he has “no doubt the film is a form of hate speech directed against me.” No, the film included a great deal of hate speech – that is for sure – but all of the hate came from Imams speaking from Muslim mosques and other settings (such as the mall in Washington, D.C.) targeted at me – at all Americans – at our entire Western Civilization. The hate certainly was not directed at Kamoune. If we assume that he is an American citizen or a Muslim living here with a green card – he should be the first to know where the hate speech comes from – radical Islam. But he doesn’t say that. He tells us in the first paragraph of his letter to the editor – that “As a Muslim I have no doubt the film is a form of hate speech directed against me.”

Isn’t it interesting? Why would Kamoune write that “As a Muslim I have no doubt the film is a form of hate speech directed at me.” He clearly has identified that, because he is a Muslim – I guess – the “hate speech is directed at me”. How could he come to a conclusion like that? Any why? Unless, of course, he doesn’t consider himself part of us, or part of Western Civilization that is being targeted by radical Islam.

I’ve just watched this movie again and found absolutely nothing spoken by the narrator that could be considered hate speech targeted at Americans – or targeted at any viewer of the program. All the hate is targeted and directed at the viewer by the terrorist-supporting Imams and activists and from the children being indoctrinated in the Madrassahs.

Mr. Kamoune then writes, “The rise of hate crimes against Muslims is a verifiable fact.” Well, my research into that statement indicates, surprisingly, that hate crimes of this nature, on a national basis, are very low – almost non-existent. Americans aren’t into hate crimes or unfair treatment of anyone. The same regarding the next sentence. “Hate speech against Muslims has been prevalent since 9/11.” Again, the almost surprising things is that this behavior is almost non-existent. As it should be.

His closing, “This DVD is just the latest installment in the same old trend.” Here again, just because he writes that doesn’t make it a fact. The fact is that no American behaves in the manner that Mr. Kamoune claims. Americans have welcomed people from every nation on earth. We are the only country in the world where you can come here and call yourself an American. I couldn’t go to Saudi Arabia and plan on calling myself a ‘Saudi’.
The only problem is – we expect that everyone who comes here to live – will become an American citizen – a real American. Americans are learning to have serious concern about that when we hear these radical Imams preaching hate against America!

Americans should watch “Obsession” again and again to understand the very serious threat of radical Islam to America and to all of us who believe in liberty.

Should we come to the conclusion that Amir A. Kamoune might know all about the speakers illustrated in “Obsession”? I hope not and I pray that every American will pray for him.

A careful reading of Kamoune’s letter might have told us a lot more about his position on the subject than he intended.


Donald E. Van Curler


Two Great DVD’s Relating to HATE CRIME LAWS:

1. “Assault of Liberty: The impact of Hate Crime Laws” + 2. “Hate Crime Laws”