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In Order To Be Loyal, Opposition Must Disappear In Age Of Obama

February 20, 2009

In Order To Be Loyal, Opposition Must Disappear In Age Of Obama

By L. BRENT BOZELL | IBD – 20 Feb. 09

As the Democrat-dominated House and Senate thoughtfully passed judgment on a 1,100-page “stimulus” bill that Sen. Frank Lautenberg admitted no one would read before the vote, the media elite were positively giddy.

On the “NewsHour” on PBS, liberal analyst Mark Shields proclaimed, “I think it’s a monstrous success” for President Obama. That’s correct, with an emphasis on “monstrous.”

Our news media have insisted on playing the White House soundtrack on this battle, to wit: The “stimulus” is vitally necessary, and by opposing it, Republicans are risking being flattened by the Great Obama Steamroller. A partisan victory is OK, but they’d much rather the vote for Obama’s plans be unanimous.

Why, as Newsweek’s cover proclaimed, “We’re All Socialists Now.” Inside, Newsweek’s uber-elitist editor Jon Meacham scolded Sean Hannity and Rep. Mike Pence for stooping to call this Congressional pork-wagon “the European Socialist Act of 2009.” Using the S-word in a negative context threatens to doom America to a “fractious and unedifying debate.”

Meacham wasn’t claiming Hannity and Pence were incorrect. It’s that they use this word as a bad thing when they should be celebrating. He insists America’s skiing down the socialist slope “toward a modern European state.” Moreover, Newsweek asserted that the socialism started last fall under President Bush, therefore the GOP should accept it.

The loyal opposition is not supposed to oppose as state power grows out of control. To be truly loyal, the opposition is expected to disappear.

Another sign came on “The Early Show” on CBS. Co-host Maggie Rodriguez was interrogating Republican House leader Eric Cantor about the failure to line up with the socialist Obama Corps: “But, Congressman, it’s clear that Americans are begging for help with foreclosures,” she pleaded. “Corporations are begging for bailouts. Can the Republican Party accept that there are situations when large-scale government intervention is necessary?”

Cantor was attempting to explain that this monstrous “stimulus” was being pushed through without any Republican input, with virtually no public comment, in a humongous bill no one had even read. But all Rodriguez could do was protest these points as divisive: “But everyone (in the House GOP) opposed it. Why? Where’s the bipartisanship?”

The media’s drive for full-fledged socialism took a really wild turn on ABC’s “This Week With George Stephanopoulos.” The former Clinton spokesman actually pressed ultraliberal Maxine Waters from the left, waving around an article by an economist named Nouriel Roubini insisting that we need to nationalize the banks: “Mr. Roubini and others say we’re all Swedes now, that we should just do what they did when they faced their crisis. They nationalized the banks and they came out of it OK.” We’re now not only socialists, we’re Swedish socialists.

A few days earlier, Obama head-faked on the we’re-all-Europeans line, insisting that America is not yet Sweden, when ABC’s Terry Moran urged, “Why not just nationalize the banks?” For her part, Rep. Waters insisted that the drive toward socialism is being slowed by people who are behind the curve: “George, as you know, the word ‘nationalization’ scares the hell out of people. And so the debate has been opened up now, and that’s good.”

Once the “stimulus” bill passed, ABC helpfully aired pictures from a photo album the White House issued to mark Obama’s skillful leadership moves. Subbing as anchor of ABC’s evening newscast, Diane Sawyer praised Obama for serving cookies to Republicans: “I want to show everybody at home, because there is the president, it’s Super Bowl night, and he’s serving cookies to congressional leadership in the White House screening room.” On cue, George Stephanopoulos picked up the syrupy narration: “These are just remarkable, Diane. We’ve never really seen anything like this before in real time.”

If ABC and George Stephanopoulos were interested in dispelling the notion that George is taking dictation from his daily buddy-buddy phone calls with Obama’s chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel, it’s not showing up on the air. When you can glorify Obama for offering Republicans a cookie, and suggest it’s unprecedented, as if no previous president, Republican or Democrat, had ever tried to entertain the opposing party, viewers cannot trust you as a careful keeper of the historical record. They can only suspect that you’re going to offer them a poorly disguised campaign commercial.

A crucial part of Obama’s “monstrous” success in ramming this partisan gravy train through Congress is a committed throng of Kool-Aid drinkers in the press who will greet every new socialist legislative ploy as a work of genius worthy of a Nobel Prize in economics.

The only ones Obama couldn’t count on here were the obstreperous people who dared to insist they were not socialists and those cantankerous trouble-makers who insisted that maybe Congress should read a bill before it passes — especially when it’s the single largest expansion of government control in the history of the republic.

Bozell is president of the Media Research Center.


President Obama’s Savior-Based Economy

February 12, 2009

President Obama’s Savior-Based Economy

By MICHELLE MALKIN | 12 February 2009 | IBD

President Obama is back in messianic campaign mode. It is unbecoming. When he’s not snarling at conservative opponents of his endless spending programs, he’s pandering to supporters as the nation’s community-organizer-in-chief.

At a stimulus rally in Fort Myers, Fla., on Tuesday, a woman named Henrietta Hughes stood up to decry the mortgage crisis and ask Obama for his personal help. Choking back tears, she implored: “I have an urgent need. . . . We need a home, our own kitchen, our own bathroom.”

If she had more time, she probably would have remembered to ask Obama to fill up her gas tank, too. The soul-fixer dutifully asked her name, gave her a hug and ordered his staff to meet with her. Supporters cried “Amen!” and “Yes!” A young McDonald’s worker named Julio Osegueda bolted out of his seat and exclaimed: “It is such a blessing to see you. Oh! Gracious God, thank you so much! Ungh!”

The event turned into a full-blown revival meeting when Obama announced that the Senate had passed his massive stimulus plan. Audience members erupted into applause. Tongues of fire descended from the sky. Loaves and fishes (or rather, pork and Kool-Aid) multiplied miraculously into trillions for all.

GOP Gov. Mark Sanford of South Carolina didn’t know how right he was when he warned over the weekend: “We’re moving precipitously close to what I would call a savior-based economy.”

Like Mighty Mouse, President Obama is here to save the day. The government is here to help — and it is your patriotic duty to pay for it all without preconditions. Hughes didn’t explain the cause of her financial turmoil. Obama didn’t ask.

And if we conservatives dare to question the circumstances — and the underlying assumption that it is government’s (that is, taxpayers’) role to bail her out — we’ll be lambasted as cruel haters of the downtrodden.

Woe unto ye unbelievers in Big Government who cling to what Obama derided as “ideological rigidity.” Well, pardon my unbending belief in fairness and personal responsibility, but why should my tax dollars go to feed the housing entitlement beast?

At his fear-mongering press conference Monday night, Obama lamented that homeowners “are seeing their property values decline.” Countrywide crony Sen. Chris Dodd successfully stuffed $50 billion into the just-passed stimulus package for Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner to spend on “mandatory loan modifications” for homeowners deep underwater on their mortgages. That’s in addition to the $20 billion already allocated by the House last month for the same purposes.

Banks have been engaged in these “Mo Mod” programs over the past year. Democrats want to accelerate the pace and use the power of government to essentially provide a blanket amnesty for borrowers and lenders who made bad financial decisions.

Yes, there are many responsible borrowers out there having trouble negotiating loan modifications. But this $50 billion giveaway to the banks — on top of the upward of $2 trillion more from the Treasury department, on top of the $700 billion in original TARP funding — is throwing more bad money after bad.

This massive expansion of government meddling in the housing market — yet another attempt to get federal bureaucrats in the business of rewriting loan contracts and reducing principal — will just delay the inevitable.

A report released by the Comptroller of the Currency in December showed that more than half of loans modified in the first quarter of 2008 fell 30 days delinquent within six months. And after six months, 35% of people were 60 or more days behind on their payments.

Where’s the fairness in forcing prudent homeowners and renters to subsidize people who bought overpriced houses and rescue the banks that lent to them?

Tellingly, Obama chose Fort Myers to drum up support for his wealth redistributionism. The area has been one of the hardest hit by foreclosures, as the president was quick to point out. But many of those homes are second or third homes and investment properties.

And low housing prices are not a catastrophe for everyone. They’ve created opportunities for Americans who haven’t been able to buy in an artificially inflated market. The median sales price of a home in the Fort Myers area fell 50% to $106,900, from $215,200 in December 2007. Bargain-priced home sales are up 146% from a year ago.

It’s sacrilegious to say it in the Age of Obama, but it needs to be said: Homeownership is not an entitlement. Credit is not a civil right. Your property-value preservation is not my problem. Can I get an “Amen!”?