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Healthcare: Visits or Calls to Capitol Hill Needed Now

November 6, 2009

Visits or Calls to Capitol Hill Needed Now

Wednesday afternoon, Nov. 3, 2009

I just returned from Capitol Hill, where Nancy Pelosi, unfazed by big conservative victories in Tuesday’s election in Virginia and New Jersey, is still planning to ram through a floor vote in the full House by Friday on the massive, 1,990-page government health care takeover bill that was just unveiled a few days ago. It’s an abuse of power and an utter outrage. Even Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, in the face of widespread public opposition, has said the Senate will have to delay its version until December or even next year.

Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.), one of the most outspoken opponents of the bill, says Republican members were literally locked out of committee rooms where the bill was written. Recall that President Obama promised “transparency” and that any bill would be written in public. That did not happen.

Mrs. Bachmann is asking Americans to take some time on Thursday, Nov. 5, and do one of several things. She is organizing a noon rally at the U.S. Capitol building on the House side. Participants will then be encouraged to visit the offices of their congressman.

Any Americans within driving distance who can get there are encouraged to show up to support the effort to stop the bill. Those who can’t are asked to visit congressmen’s district offices back in their states. And those who cannot do that are encouraged to flood the Capitol switchboard with calls to their congressmen.

Please Take Action.

Please consider taking one of the following actions.

1) Pray that wisdom prevails and that Congress does the right thing.

2) If you can, please come to Washington, D.C. for Thursday’s rally at noon at the U.S. Capitol building on the House side.

3) Or visit your congressmen’s district office locally.

4) Call the Capitol switchboard at (202) 224-3121 or (202) 225-3121 and ask for your congressman’s office. Click here to locate your representative. Be polite but firm and tell them simply that you do not want this health care takeover passed, period.

More Background

Rep. Mike Pence (R-Ind.) said Wednesday that it is now clear the health care bill “is not about health care, but about changing the fundamental relationship between Americans and their government.” In short, it will mean serfdom, as Americans will be made entirely dependent on federal bureaucrats for allocation of health care. Yes, this means “death panels” and the rest of it. Senior citizens will take the brunt of the “savings” that will be mandated, including $500 billion in designated cuts in Medicare. A study by Price Waterhouse Cooper estimates that the average family will have to pay $4,000 more for insurance by 2019, and individuals another $1,500.

Also in the bill:

Government insurance. The “public option” is still in. This provision would create a government insurance plan that would quickly drive private insurers out of business and ensure a “single-payer” system that is, in effect, socialized medicine.

Abortions. American taxpayers will be forced to pay for them. Pelosi and her fellow liberals have defeated 30 efforts in both Houses of Congress to prohibit such funding. The bill has language barring school-based clinics from actually committing abortions, but does nothing to keep the clinics from referring or facilitating abortions.

Domestic partners. Insurance tax benefits are expanded to unmarried couples, which means taxpayers will be subsidizing homosexual relationships.

Tax increases. Americans for Tax Reform has found 13 tax increases or new taxes in the $1.2 trillion bill, including the “medicine cabinet” tax that would prevent people from paying for non-prescription drugs through tax-deferred health savings accounts.

Your prayers, visits, calls or emails will make a difference!

Again, call the Capitol switchboard at (202) 224-3121 or (202) 225- 3121 and ask for your congressman’s office. Click here to locate your representative. Be polite but firm and tell them simply that you do not want this health care takeover passed, period.

Remember, you are not alone. Many other national groups are encouraging their constituents to take these actions, too. If enough Americans respond, we will stop this ghastly power grab in its tracks before it even gets to the Senate.


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Coral Ridge Ministries: Urgent Action Call: Healthcare

October 12, 2009

URGENT ACTION IS NEEDED to stop what political strategist Dick Morris calls “a bloodless coup” now underway.

Please read this special report from Robert Knight, Coral Ridge Ministries Washington, D.C., Correspondent and then call your senators and representative. The Capitol Hill switchboard is (202) 224-3121. (Click these links to identify your senators and representative.)

From Robert Knight:

Folks, in my nearly 20 years in Washington, I have seen a lot of deception and chicanery. But what’s unfolding now takes my breath away. It should raise the blood pressure of every freedom-loving American. The Democrats are still trying to ram through a national health care takeover despite being told over and over by Americans that we do not want it.

The Senate Finance Committee is poised to vote on a massive health care reform bill on Tuesday authored by Sen. Max Baucus (D-Mont.). A glaring, outrageous fact unreported by the media is that the bill has been kept secret. No one actually knows what’s in it – not even senators, who will be told to vote for it. Entire sections will be added later. That’s what happened with the House version. Nobody read the bill, and 75 “phantom” amendments were added after the vote. A similar maneuver happened in the Senate, when a key committee approved another version of a sweeping health care bill in July without seeing the text. Actual language was unveiled months later in September.

Senators will be voting on something that does not even exist yet.

Even the Congressional Budget Office was operating without actual text when it issued a report this week saying the Baucus plan would cost under $900 billion instead of more than a trillion. When the CBO crunched the detailed, 1,018-page House version this summer, it reported that it would cost far more than President Obama claimed. Obama then broke precedent and summoned the CBO director to the White House for a “talk.” Now the CBO says the Senate bill will cost less. They think. They hope. They speculate.

What’s more, reports that an aide to Sen. Harry Reid said that current debates may be irrelevant because an entirely different version might be inserted into an unrelated House tax bill, HR 1586. This is a way of getting around the constitutional requirement that all tax bills originate in the House. Sen. Reid wants a “public option” that would ensure a “single-payer” system, which means socialized medicine.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said this week that she has the votes necessary to ram through a bill with “the public option” as soon as it comes back to her chamber.

“The real bill will be another 1,000-page, trillion dollar experiment… that vastly expands the role of the federal government in the personal health care decisions of every American,” warns Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-Ky).

On Tuesday, House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer would not rule out the possibility that the House would vote for identical Senate language, thus avoiding the bill going to a House-Senate conference committee for more examination and debate and getting it quickly to President Obama’s desk.

Stunned by the August town halls, TEA parties and the massive Sept. 12 taxpayer rally in Washington, liberals know the window is closing on their plan to nationalize one sixth of America’s economy and put your health care decisions in the hands of government bureaucrats. So they are working in the dark to ram this through before most Americans find out.

Some details have slipped out:

Do what we say, not what we do–Congress has exempted itself from mandatory coverage provisions that they want to impose on their fellow citizens.

Taxing Class II medical devices, such as breast pumps, pacemakers, ventilators, wheelchairs and needles. Call this the “mommy tax.”

Different tax rates for people in different states. The Wall Street Journal’s Kimberly Strassel reports: “Majority Leader Harry Reid …worked out a deal by which the federal government will pay all of his home state’s additional Medicaid expenses for the next five years. Under the majority leader’s very special formula, only three other states – Oregon, Rhode Island and Michigan – qualify for this perk.” This means that Americans in other states would subsidize constituents of Harry Reid and some of his political friends. A dozen Democratic governors have come out against the Medicaid mandate as a budget buster, but Reid is covering his own political interests.

Are you angry yet?

Rep. Michelle Bachman (R-Minn.) took to the floor of the House during the earlier spendathon and said the nation is now in the grip of “gangster government,” in which powerful interests are raiding the treasury to ensure their own continued power. The health care “reform” bill is more of the same, but even more dangerous.

The liberal “mainstream” media are providing cover for all this. None is asking to see the bill language. They will get away with it unless Americans speak out now and let them know in no uncertain terms that this is unacceptable and tyrannical.

Please, for the sake of your children and grandchildren and your own ability to choose your insurance and your doctor, take a moment. Call your congressman and senators and let them know you want them to start over with a transparent process and consider real, workable reforms, such as curbing malpractice awards and making it easier for people to buy insurance out of state. Tell your friends and neighbors that they need to act, too.

Send them this simple message:

“Show Us the Bill!”

The Capitol Hill switchboard is 202 224-3121. (Click these links to identify your senators and representative.)

Special Note: To learn more about the health care “reform” debate, request the powerful new DVD from Coral Ridge Ministries, The Health Care Lie!

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TV: Islam On The March: Coral Ridge Ministries

August 13, 2009

Produced by Coral Ridge Ministries:

Radical Islam on the March:: A Christian Response to Modern Day Jihad.

The website is now up and can be viewed at


Evangelism Explosion

June 17, 2009

EE is producing remarkable results.

Please view and download the selected pages from the EE magazine.   We’ve highlighted some key points.

D. James and Anne Kennedy Training Center for World Evangelism – Thousands Trained:  Centers located in Fiji, Ukraine, Vietnam, Indonesia and Middle East leading to salvations by the hundreds of thousands.

“…we work tirelessly on every continent to help believers regularly introduce others to the Savior.  We start by training believers, who reach out to unbelievers and care for them, fellowship with them, share the truth with them, and then train them to share their faith.  In doing this, we follow the example of Jesus.”




Easter Coral Ridge

April 9, 2009

It is the story of how Christ, by way of a cruel Cross, broke our shackles of guilt and sin. On Easter morning, He defied death, and in one fell swoop secured eternal life for all who trust in Him.

During this special season, may you reflect anew on all that Easter means—Christ’s great sacrifice and love demonstrated for you more than 2,000 years ago.

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The Fruit of Coral Ridge Ministries

April 3, 2009

CRM Significant Letters – February 2009

Thank you for standing against the tide of evil that is pushing against us from all directions. I am proud of
CRM for your stand. Nazi Germany isn’t as far away as many believe. It’s right in our back door. Keep up the
work and we will pray, financially support and stand with you against the unbelievable godless evil that is
trying to take over. My wife and I have attended several Reclaiming America conferences and were blessed.
Dr. Kennedy has been my inspiration and motivation for several years now and I still listen to every
broadcast that has been produced and have listened to many thirty or forty times. I travel a lot and never lie
down to sleep without a Truths That Transform broadcast playing. I can not express how these have changed
my life and perspective. (Email)

Greetings in the Mighty name of Jesus. We are running King of Glory Ministries of Pakistan.
We are praying that God will use you in all nations.
God wants to use you in Pakistan for His mighty works
through your channel. We request you to work with us in Pakistan. We have seen your website and see that
you are doing a great work all over the world through your TV channel. There is no other channel like this in
Pakistan. Kindly request you to please broadcast your channel in Lahore, Pakistan. We believe when this
channel will broadcast in Pakistan thousands of Muslim people will be saved and will receive the Lord Jesus
Christ. In Pakistan there is very much need of this channel.
I can elaborate at length as to what degree the late Dr. Kennedy and Coral Ridge has influenced our lives, but
suffice it to say we are deeply indebted and are also hopeful that we may attend a service in your church.
You are in our thoughts and prayers for being blessed to continue your sterling work. Here in South
Africa secularism is strongly entrenched by the state and tolerance of whatever you can dream up is the
magic word.
So many young people have turned their backs on Christianity, attracted by humanistic ideals.
Nevertheless, it means we have to put our shoulder to the wheel – the real freedom people seek remains
Christ and we arm ourselves with that message. In response to your requests for financial assistance, I
deeply regret to say we are unable to contribute to your cause in dollars, but will continue as active
supporters & promoters of your admirable outreach. (Email)
I actually just signed the petition to restore this nation under God and I’m going to tell a couple of my friends
to sign as well. I’ve been struggling with my way of thinking lately and I been praying but I do not know if
I’m being effective, so I come to you for help thank you. (Email)
This morning after returning from the store, I found my TV tuned into your Sunday morning broadcast (I
normally don’t watch TV). To say the least, I was very captivated and what caught my attention was your
insistence of the need for the Holy Spirit to be active in our life and that He is the Bringer of Freedom
and also the Doer, the One that sets us free. After hearing the last portion of your broadcast, there was a
request that we send petitions to our representatives in government regarding the “purposed” omission to all
reference of God from our history within the Washington Visitor Center. I request that you would send me
that petition. Thank you for sending me this petition. Most of all, thank you for speaking His truth, thank
you for speaking Christ. (Email)
Thank you so much for the services you offer through your ministries. I am a daily reader of your on-line
Daily Devotionals and a faithful follower of your Learn 2 Discern program as well and I want to tell you
what a great job you are doing. (Email)
I recently started to watch your recent broadcast about abortion. I did not watch the whole thing because I
was so outraged that it made my blood boil. I plan to start supporting your ministry because I am all for the
things that Dr. Kennedy (God bless his soul) believed in, and for the principles that Coral Ridge Ministries
continues to promote. I believe abortion is about the biggest hate-crime one can commit. I am pro-life, so I
regret that I voted for Barack Obama. I’ve already asked God to forgive me,
and I know He has. I don’t
understand how in the “land of the free,” a murderer can get acquitted if he hires the right lawyer, but an
unborn child can get the death penalty for simply being conceived. In closing, thank you so much for the
things you teach on your program. I enjoy listening to it on the radio and watching it on Sundays. You are a
blessing to our nation, and I want to start giving whatever I am financially able to, because I want to do my
part in helping you deliver your messages of hope, salvation, and right to life. God bless each and every one
of you. (Email)
So glad that you all are fighting against this horrible bill (FOCA)! Where can I send a check to your
organization? Our entire diocese of St Pete, FL is sending out cards to all parishioners to sign and they are
then being had delivered to our senators and rep. Sure hope we can knock this one down. (Email)
I am very grateful for the booklet that was sent to me. I attend the Catholic Church, and I wish to thank you
with all my heart. Actually, I have started to read the book on a daily basis. I am very interested in pursuing
the knowledge that can help me grow in the word of God and this book “Beginning Again” will help me
grow spiritually. (Email)
May God bless you for the information you sent to me (re: FOCA). I would not have known the details
without your communication. I also replied respectfully to the President using your handy link. (Email)
I have already contacted 3 of my State Representatives and the House Minority Leader regarding this
hideous decision (re: FOCA) made by Barack Obama. I have emailed him as well thank you for the contact
information. I have urged him to read Matt 18:6 also. Thanks again for your ministry. (Email)
My name is Cassie Campbell and I am 19 years old. I just thought I’d say a little something about myself
before I say what I’m sending this for. I am recently married and I have a beautiful 4 month old baby boy. I
am in my 2nd year of college to become a kindergarten teacher. I was 18 when I got pregnant. I was young
but I felt that God gave me this little boy for a reason and I would never change a thing!!! But what I am here
for is to say that I had just watched a television program about President Obama trying to bring back the pro
choice law back. I am so against this and really want to be a part of stopping this. Now I don’t really have
money I can send but I do want to sign a petition or anything I can do to help stop this. I wasn’t to sure on
how to do so though and I was really hoping that I could get some information on how I could help. I really
want to help so please email me back with anything that I can do, I have already sent out an email to the
people that I know telling about this law but me and my husband really want to do more to stop this! (Email)

Thank you so much for your email unveiling President Barack Obama’s agenda; it’s very sad! I and my
family here in Brazil will be praying for the USA in these gloomy days; with our love and praising God for
the EE work around the world (EE’s Brazil Vice-President) (Email)

As a South African citizen and outspoken Christian, I followed the US elections with great interest, because
the trends that occur in your country are usually adopted by others within time. Great was my
disappointment when I saw that the US “Christian lobby” was opting for the more liberal Democrats. The
US Christian voted for “change”, but “change” from what- a more moral government to a more immoral
one? A country gets the government it deserves. I believe the die was cast when American Christians
decided to forsake moral values for short term financial expediency and greater acceptability on the world
stage. (Email)

Thank you for airing your televised program in response to the proposed “Freedom of Choice Act.” The
message was tastefully communicated and a wonderful outreach. I stumbled upon it accidentally as I was
channel surfing and hope that others did as well. I pray that your broadcast was seen by and able to touch the
hearts of many people who otherwise would have been apathetic to or supportive of the proposed abortion
law changes, including reversals of infant protections and the loss of medical consciousness laws that enable
professionals to uphold the words in the Hippocratic Oath to “never do harm to anyone, not give a lethal drug
to anyone if asked, nor advise such a plan; and similarly will not give a woman a pessary to cause an
abortion.” I applaud you for broadcasting this special program. I only wish there was more hope
that citizens who care will be listened to, able to influence our leaders, and effective to stop the shifting
momentum for this issue based on the direction being pursued from the United States government’s
new executive leadership and congressional representation. I pray for enlightenment in our national and
world leaders to stop the killing. (Email)
Note: This letter ran in the Sun-Sentinel

Following the inauguration, a well-known actress was asked: “What impacted you most today?” She replied:
“Everyone was so kind and gentle. I think we are now going to be a much kinder and gentler society, and
what matters most to me is tomorrow women all over the world will be able to have an abortion anytime and
anywhere.” Question: What is kind and gentle about slicing an innocent baby to pieces with a
scalpel? Would you cut off arms, legs, fingers, toes or suck the brains out of any living creature? TALK
ABOUT TORTURE! I pray everyday for Jesus to change the President’s heart. Anyone who “blindly” or
otherwise voted for Obama (including “professing” Christians) voted for a man who is PRO ABORTION.
On his first day in office he signed an executive order earmarking taxpayer dollars to the abortion mills in
foreign countries. In other words, a portion of your hard earned income intended to put food on YOUR table
for YOUR family will be directed toward the abortion mills throughout the world and if you voted for the
President you are responsible. (Email)