Not A Trial, But A Terrorist Soapbox

November 24, 2009

Not A Trial, But A Terrorist Soapbox

IBD: 24 Nov. 2009

Justice: Attorney General Eric Holder’s decision to try five 9/11 plotters by a civilian court in New York rather than a military tribunal at Gitmo is already paying dividends — for the terrorists.

The five terror suspects want to use their “not guilty” pleas as a chance to voice their hate-filled beliefs and grievances against the West. In short, we’re giving them a prime-time soapbox in the most important city on Earth from which to spout their hate and recruit new adherents to their murderous cause.

We know this because Scott Fenstermaker, the attorney for terrorist suspect Ali Abd al-Aziz Ali, nephew of 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, says his client plans to “explain what happened and why they did it.”

That is, they’ll admit to doing it even while pleading not guilty, just so they can propagandize on behalf of their cause. In doing so, they not only will torture the families of the 3,000 people murdered on 9/11 with their lack of remorse. They will also get to make the case for jihad to a lot of sick minds around the world.

As Fenstermaker put it, the five will give “their assessment of American foreign policy.” And, he adds helpfully: “Their assessment is negative.” No kidding.

So while the judge may well exclude all sorts of evidence from the trial for procedural reasons, we’ll no doubt be treated to the inflammatory rantings of the terrorists themselves.

Of all the actions of the U.S. Justice Department since its inception, this may be the worst. Holder’s decision to hold the trial within blocks of 9/11’s Ground Zero is a bizarre affront to New Yorkers, reopening old wounds and making them targets for future attacks.

Wasn’t it just last week that Holder appeared before the Senate Judiciary Committee with reassurances the terrorists wouldn’t be able to use their trial for propaganda purposes?

“I’m not scared of what Khalid Sheikh Mohammed has to say at trial,” he said then, “and no one else needs to, either.”

Another question: Can a sitting attorney general really be so naive? On Monday, former Vice President Dick Cheney said it appears Holder is seeking a “show trial” for the terrorists — one the terrorists will exploit to their advantage.

“They’ll simply use it as a platform to argue their case — they don’t have a defense to speak of,” Cheney said. “It’ll be a place for them to stand up and spread the terrible ideology that they adhere to.”a


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