Dearborn Police Ordered to Guard Islamic Sites

November 9, 2009

The Mayor of Dearborn on the day of the terrorist massacre at Ft. Hood, Texas – assigned all his police officers to protect the Dearborn Mosques and the Islamic Cultural Center and Museum directly across the street from the Dearborn City Hall on Michigan Ave. between Shaffer + Nichols.

Notice that no police were assigned to protect any churches or any other Dearborn properties.

Isn’t it interesting that the (Muslim) Chief of Police, Ronald Haddad’s first response is to protect the Muslim centers?  From who?  Islamists who might attack Muslim centers? –  He should have been the first to recognize that “Major” Nidal Malik Hasan, shouting the typical Islamic cry before his attack, was a terrorist.

Why are employees of City Hall are afraid to speak out?

see also: (Michael Savage interview of Alan West last Friday night (6 Nov. 09)


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