Serving Castro First

October 2, 2009

My notes in BLUE

Serving Castro First

IBD: 1 October 2009

Trade: Colombia got another brushoff Tuesday, when Commerce Secretary Gary Locke pronounced its free trade pact dead for the year because Washington is too busy with health care. Why doesn’t Cuba ever hear that?

Speaking at the sidelines of a conference in Chile, Locke told Dow Jones: “It’s pretty doubtful that the pact will be ratified this year, although the Obama administration is pushing forward with Colombia, Korea and Panama.”

Yeah, sure. Pushing and pushing, it’s all we’ve heard about from this crew. But the only visible moves on trade have a string of protectionist measures to make Big Labor happy.

[Obama and his Chicago-mafia types funded  the labor UNIONS, took majority control of General Motors,  stealing from the BOND HOLDERS]

On Wednesday, the United Steelworkers Union, fresh from getting the White House to hike tariffs on Chinese tires, is now demanding tariffs on paper. Unions are behind Colombia’s holdup.

For both the U.S. and Colombia, a free-trade treaty would be a boon. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce estimates it would create 384,000 American jobs at a time when 26 million Americans are unemployed or underemployed.

But the White House claims health care is too time-consuming. Assistant U.S. Trade Representative Everett Eissenstat, speaking in Miami Tuesday, also was discouraging, saying Colombia still has more preconditions to fulfill.

By contrast, Cuba has yet to hear about demands that health care is placing on the Democratic agenda. It’s gotten speedy service.

On the very day Colombia was humiliated by Locke’s comments in Chile, the State Department announced it had sent acting Deputy Assistant Secretary Bisa Williams to Havana to negotiate new agreements with the ruling Castro oligarchy.

First up: a new mail agreement. Free travel in the U.S. for Cuban spies, plus an end to the U.S. trade embargo to help bail out the Castro brothers with U.S. trade credits, are probably next. But so far, the talks have been secret.

[Is everyone listening?  Haven’t we had enough of ‘secret talks’ by polititians and bureaucrats on OUR PAYROLL?]

“Look at the momentum; look at the pace of these steps,” gushed the Council on Foreign Relations’ Julia E. Sweig to the New York Times. “It’s a departure from many, many years of practice.”

[“gushed” the CFR?… Please remember – the Council on Foreign Relations is a hate America – love the world – monster in our country – headed by world government thugs who believe that we should surrender our sovereignty to a WORLD GOVERNMENT which would then direct the policies of our Congress and Senate to “more fairly” distribute American wealth to those who need it.]

So why isn’t Colombia getting the same “pace of steps”? All it gets are sorry excuses. The U.S.-Colombia trade treaty was signed in 2006 and is ready to go. Its only barrier is House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who doesn’t want a vote because she knows it will pass.

No country has ever been strung along so cynically.

With Castro, a state sponsor of terror, getting everything he wants and Colombia, a strong ally, getting just excuses, it seems the best way to get attention from this new administration is to forge a long record as an adversary.


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