Geert Wilders – Philadelphia Oct. 09

October 1, 2009

Who is Geert Wilders?

Geert Wilders is a 45 year old Dutch politician, member of Parliament in the Netherlands and leader of the Party for Freedom. He has been outspoken on the issues of Islamic extremism and freedom of speech.

His provocative 2008 film about Islam in the Netherlands, FITNA, has received international attention and condemnation. For his views, he has been forced into guarded isolation, banned in the UK, indicted in his own country for violating “hate-speech” laws, and wanted in Jordan.

Why is Geert Wilders so important?

The Islamization of Europe brought with it the prohibition of criticizing Islam as a religion, ideology or political system. As European radical Islam became increasingly powerful, the Western doctrine of free and open speech came under sustained attack. Quickly, this totalitarian movement to suppress Free Speech gained momentum in the Islamic world culminating with a Member of the European Union, Mr. Wilders, being charged by his own country with illegally criticizing Islam, thus violating the “hate-speech” laws of the Netherlands. Mr. Wilders is the prototypical “poster-boy” of the decline of Western civilization … if Western civilization still requires open and free speech? Is the attack on free and open speech marching to America? Yes, it is. Mr. Wilders is in Florida to sound the alert to those who still value the fundamental principle of Free Speech, codified by our Framers, articulated in Amendment # 1, and practiced in our lives.

What has Geert Wilders done that is so “bad”

Mr. Wilders has dared to open his mouth to criticize Islam as a totalitarian ideology. Be careful here. The issue is not whether Islam is a totalitarian ideology, but the issue is whether someone can speak freely and claim that a religion, any religion … stinks! The casual observer can list scores of occasions in America where the religions of Christianity and Judaism have been mocked, scorned, ridiculed and, yep, even criticized as being totalitarian. Civil, progressive, educated Americans must decide if Islam occupies a “special status” in America, as it does in Eurabia, or if Islam … stinks … if that is what someone wants to conclude. This decision ought not be influenced by the fear of 10,000 angry Muslims demonstrating in London, but by blood, real blood, not imaginary, metaphorical blood, but warrior blood, shed at places like Normandy, blood dedicated to inalienable rights, not alienable religions.

What’s the big deal with this movie – FITNA?

The “big deal” with FITNA is that many Muslims, worldwide, simply did not like the movie!

Did you understand that last sentence? Muslims don’t like FITNA.

Usually, when someone doesn’t like a movie they figure out a way to avoid promising to kill the film maker. Conversely, the global success of the message of FITNA has only intensified the desire of many Muslims to welcome the death of Geert Wilders. Even the boys over at Al Qaeda Incorporated, dragging out some cave-dwelling cleric, issued a death FATWA, which is like pouring petrol on the “youths” burning up democracy throughout London, Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam and the rest of Europe – now referred to by many analysts, as “Eurabia”.

The reason why Muslims did not like the movie differs among the group, but in light of the totalitarian demands of Islam and the global fear of criticizing Islam, it naturally follows that their supremest script requires “a morally righteous indignation” over the verbal and visual abuse of their “special status” faith. Though some in the USA think this Islamist reaction is ridiculous nonsense, the many in America better realize the experience of Mr. Wilders is quickly marching into American culture and law. The irresistible force of Islam is confronting the immoveable object of American democracy … and the outcome remains to be seen?

{FITNA – “disagreement and division among people” or a “test of faith in times of trial”}

Why is Geert Wilders in Philadelphia?

Because some of us in Philadelphia enjoy those crazy ideas that our early “white-hairs” came up with like, democracy, free speech, freedom of (any) religion, freedom of no religion and freedom to criticize all religions. We have a lot to learn from the courageous Geert Wilders.


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