IMPORTANT: Free Speech Conference

September 18, 2009

You are invited to attend a once in lifetime legal conference on freedom of speech and religion
at the U.S. Congressional Auditorium
in Washington, D.C. on October 27 & 28
featuring keynote speaker
Dr. Michael Savage of The Savage Nation.


Sponsoring organizations
International Free Press Society
Liberty Legal Project International
Center for Security Policy
Horowitz Freedom Center
Florida Security Council

This conference will teach the legal foundations of freedom of speech and religion around the world and address current topics and cases that threaten these rights including

· The Rifqa Bary case

· Venezuelas Media Crime Law

· The Banning of Michael Savage &
Geert Wilders from the UK

· Censorship of Citizens

· Bloggers Rights

Speakers are from many institutions including the

· U.S. Congress

· U.K. House of Lords

· European Union Parliament

· Center for Security Policy

· Thomas More Law Center

· Freedom House

For More Information Call 1-800-989-0021 or email conferences@libertylegalproject.com or
Register online at


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