List of 9/12 Tea Party Protest Signs

September 17, 2009

List of 9/12/09 Washington D.C. Tea Party Protest Signs

  • The Constitution – the other document they don’t read
  • Vote NO on all his Marxist plans
  • Healthcare – you play – you’ll pay
  • Stop Obama spending spree
  • I’m sick and tired of Obama’s health plan
  • RIP – U.S. Constitution
  • AARP sold out senior citizens
  • TEA: Taxed Enough Already
  • Obama is very slow at learning
  • Where did all these socialists come from – there aren’t that many rat holes
  • Barack: a block head / dumb as a rock
  • Bankrupt America “Yes We Can”!
  • Socialism: Just say No!
  • Obama care is a Clunker!
  • Stop meddling
  • Take America back
  • Do your homework next time you vote!
  • Leave my family alone
  • Keep your hands off
  • Stop meddling with my liberty – my country
  • “Stimulate” tax cutting
  • Extortion from the workers to pay for the bankers
  • You gave my money to wealthy corporate executives
  • Global Warming bill burns more cash than Health Care
  • We can’t afford even one – but the Congress wants both
  • Charity is given in America in greater amounts than any country in the world
  • Islamist “charity” pays for suicide bombers

American charity doesn’t ‘buy’ terrorists

  • “Cashing in”
  • Give small business this UN spent “$700 Billion” unspent(?) stimulus money
  • Don’t spend any more ‘stimulus’ dollars
  • 65% of all ‘new’ employment comes from small businesses
  • We should stop playing favorites
  • Stop writing more tax bills
  • One in 10 dollars spent = obesity

Let them carry their own weight

Send the parents to “fat camp”

A bunch of big fat wimps!

  • “You Lie” – Rep. Joe Wilson R-SC
  • 9 Principles 12 Values = 9/12
  • Take the Hill America
  • The 9/12 Project
  • Hands off my kinds liberty
  • You have run out of OUR money
  • CHANGE we can’t AFFORD
  • Our Government is corrupt
  • Marxist
  • In God we Trust – NOT Government

Not THIS Government

  • In God we trust – NOT – THIS FALSE MESSIAH
  • Anti-spending – Pro-government – when the people rule.
  • This is about Freedom
  • In GOD we trust – Not in the OBAMINATION in the White House.
  • 12 September We will never forget
  • Obama bin Lieing
  • End the Fed
  • I’d rather be waterboarded than have ObamaCare
  • Left Stream Media
  • Left Run Media
  • There is no mainstream media anyway
  • Yellow Stream Media – B.O. Media
  • Fibber McGee Pelosi
  • Hey – Work for us
  • Leave Washington First
  • Racists in the White House – I’M SICK OF IT!
  • Obama! Your mamma was a white woman
  • Bury ObamaCare with Kennedy
  • I didn’t vote for this Obamination
  • You Lie!
  • Racist in Chief
  • Muslims are moving in and taking over
  • Drill Here – Drill Now
  • Van Jones smeared by the Truth – Obama Lies
  • Karl Marx was NOT a founding father
  • Do you hear us now?
  • Revolt against socialism
  • Read my lipstick – No more taxes
  • The only racists are in the White House
  • “The more they corrupt the state – the more it legislates.” – Tacitus
  • Ask Santa Anna how it went for the last President who tried to take away Texans Rights?.
  • Adrian, Texas – Great people – wonderful Americans
  • Thomas Jefferson called for a nation of prayer.  We must restore God in HIS rightful place.  He is great!  Men + Women seriously concerned about religious liberty . We must stand up – That’s why we are Darwinistic.  We are made in the Image of God”  – www.theblacksphere.com
  • Congress Is the one who’s sick
  • Congress needs healthcare – they are all sick
  • Texas leads the way
  • This CHANGE sucks
  • Art.1 Sec.8 – All taxes uniform
  • Get rid of THAT senate and THAT Congress
  • All BILLS originate in the HOUSE!
  • No More Tyranny
  • Obama doesn’t belong in the WHITE HOUSE
  • You are not owed what I’ve earned.

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