Washington D.C. Tea Party

September 16, 2009

The Yellow Stream Media!

The Mainstream Media is gone

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Taking It To The Streets

IBD: 15 Sept. 2009

“People gather on Capitol Hill in Washington Saturday during the taxpayer rally,” was the understated caption on this Associated Press photo. Early AP reports estimated the crowd in the “thousands”; by day’s end, other news sources were estimating 1 million. View Enlarged Image

Media Bias: When Americans have to turn to the foreign press for truthful reports of the size of popular protests in Washington, it’s time to wonder: Are we dominated by “state-run media”?

The wide-lens shots of oceans of people on the streets of Washington, D.C., even wider than the one above, make it clear that last Saturday’s mega-rally against government spending and high taxes was one of the most extraordinary grass-roots events in history.

Protesters carried placards with slogans like “I’m Not Your ATM” and “ObamaCare Makes Me Sick.” Addressing the throngs, Rep. Mike Pence of Indiana, third-ranking Republican leader in the House of Representatives, called it “the largest gathering of conservatives in American history.”

Riling up the crowds, Pence declared: “We the people do not consent to government-run insurance that will cause millions of Americans to lose the insurance they have, and that will lead us to a government takeover of health care in this nation.”

The momentous national “Taxpayer March on Washington” comes right on the heels of a presidential speech to Congress that was designed to undo the effect of this summer’s revolts against health reform at congressional town hall meetings.

It also came on a day that the president was addressing a crowd numbering only a fraction of the total that turned out on the streets of Washington — 15,000 health reform supporters at the Target Center in Minneapolis, a venue that can hold over 25,000.

And yet the establishment media in America are reporting on the historic demonstration as if it were just another protest by another interest group. ABC News tallied the count at “as many as 75,000,” citing D.C. Fire Department estimates.

The Washington Post and National Public Radio opted for the more general “tens of thousands” in their reporting. The Associated Press, meanwhile, reported it as only “thousands.”

Organizers, however, insisted that they had assembled a phenomenal 1.5 million anti-tax-and-spend demonstrators. And you had to look to publications outside the United States to find independent backup for that assessment.

London’s Daily Mail reported the march as comprising “as many as one million people,” adding that “The line of protesters spread across Pennsylvania Avenue for blocks, all the way to the Capitol, according to the Washington Homeland Security and Emergency Management Agency.”

When a million people travel to our nation’s capital to object to excessive government spending, and the taxes they have to pay to sustain it, it constitutes a grass-roots force to be reckoned with.

But underestimates of the crowds by the so-called “mainstream media,” along with their focus on the most extremist signs and slogans they could find (gun rights, for instance, or the president sporting a Hitler mustache), gave administration officials an opportunity to downplay the march’s significance.

CNN’s John King, interviewing White House press secretary Robert Gibbs on Sunday, even opined about one banner “that I found particularly distasteful,” which King said was distributed by “a Catholic group” with the slogan, “Bury ObamaCare with Kennedy.”

Gibbs felt he could liken the massive uprising to the president’s comparatively tiny Minnesota rally and even dubiously claimed the day before the march that he didn’t know who its organizers were. (It had been widely known for some time that former House Majority Leader Dick Armey — once the second most powerful GOP leader in the House — was heavily involved in the rally’s planning.)

Obama senior political adviser David Axelrod told CBS’ “Face the Nation” that the massive demonstration was not “indicative of the nation’s mood” and that “I don’t think we ought to be distracted” by it.

What exactly do Americans have to do to get the attention of Democrats who run both political branches of power in Washington? The tea parties earlier this year didn’t convince them that this country will not accept being dragged down the road to socialized medicine. Neither did the “town hells” this summer.

Now, turning out in the hundreds of thousands, even millions, on the thoroughfares of the politicians’ own capital city and the message doesn’t sink in there, either.

Maybe the reason they can’t hear the voice of the people is because their reading of reality derives solely from the reporting of the mainstream media.

The latter’s credibility is being called into question as it gets upstaged again and again by bloggers and now social media like Facebook and Twitter, which pulled this gathering together.

A new Pew Research survey shows that the public’s faith in the accuracy of news stories is at a more than two-decade low. Only 29% of Americans now believe news organizations generally get their facts straight, and some 63% believe news stories often to be inaccurate.

Back in 1985, by comparison, 55% believed news stories to be accurate and only 34% considered them inaccurate.

So as people seek to be heard and politicians ignore them, maybe the noise of the dominant media serving as Congress’ echo chamber is too loud.


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  1. The 75,000 estimate was based on very early counts, and they never deviated from that. Then they (capitol police)didn’t want to estimate for fear of criticism. Doing it the way they did it for the Million Man March some number crunchers have it at 1.7 million. Not bad for the Voices of America. Can’t or will not hear us now?

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