Today’s Current News

September 15, 2009

Biogel heals severe brain injury

IBD: 15 Sept. 09

An injectable gel could heal injured brain tissue after a traumatic injury, a study by Clemson Univ. in S.C. suggested. The gel made up of both natural and synthetic sources could stimulate production of the patient’s own stem cells in the body. The gel also helps create new blood vessels. The team succeeded in restructuring a vascular network in mice, and said the technique could be applied to healing human head injuries caused by car accidents, falls and gunshot wounds.

MY COMMENTS: STEM CELLS! has anyone noticed? Hundreds of wonderful examples of “patients own adult stem cells” with miraculous results – yet we’ve seen NO results with embryonic stem cells.  Even with all that federal money poured into every university and labratory in America.  None have identified any ‘good’ results.

Netanyahu Won’t Halt Building

15 Sept. 09 IBD

Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu rejected U.S. calls to freeze construction in the West Bank and east Jerusalem, angering Palestinians. Seeking to jump-start peace efforts, U.S. Mideast envoy George Mitchell has been pressing Israel to halt settlement building. The Palestinians claim both areas, captured by Israel in the 1967 Mideast war.

MY COMMENTS: Land captured in war that Muslims started in a surprise attack by 5 or 6 Muslim nations doesn’t belong to “palestinians” and we shouldn’t allow them to claim anything.  When will we keep our nose out of this issue?

Unions’ Gains Not Without Pain

IBD: 15 Sept. 09

As the AFL-CIO hosted a Mon. night screening of Michael Moore’s “Capitalism” at its annual convention in Pittsburgh, Big Labor reveled in its strongest political influence in decades. The administration has sided with unions, notably on China tire tariffs and auto bailouts. But card check legislation has stalled, with public support for unions at an all-time low.

MY COMMENTS: Michael Moore’s “Capitalism”?  He doesn’t even know what capitalism is.

Are you sick and tired of Obama’s changes?  Now he’s telling WALL ST. DOESN’T NEED TO WAIT FOR LAWS TO MAKE CHANGES.  When can we enjoy a day without his face on TV?


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