Healthcare: Another Snowe Job

September 8, 2009

Another Snowe Job

By INVESTOR’S BUSINESS DAILY |  8 September 2009

The leftist supporters of radical health care reform are so crazed about its growing unpopularity that last week one of them bit the pinky off of a senior citizen for disagreeing with him at a MoveOn.org rally in Southern California.

Republicans can rightly rejoice at seeing Americans practice assertive, effective citizenship. Angry crowds at this summer’s town halls recognized the government-run “public option” that Democrats push is a grave threat to the best health care system in the world.

Republican Snowe of Maine seems to realize just how dangerous the public option is — even as she puts forward a plan that endorses it.

From taxes to moral issues, Snowe has long been a thorn in the GOP’s side.

It’s actually highly insulting to try to scare Americans into a socialistic health revolution they have resoundingly rejected.

One in four want some version of Congress’ government-centered health care proposals to become law. It’s that unpopular.


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