Finally Admitting The Obvious

July 17, 2009

IBD July 16 09

Iran: Western officials are reportedly offering Israel a deal to support a military strike on Iran in exchange for Israeli concessions on a Palestinian state. Even diplomats now realize diplomacy won’t pre-empt nuclear terror.

A report in the Times of London on Thursday indicated that some European governments consider Israeli military action to destroy Iran’s nuclear facilities so inevitable that they want to get what they can from Israel by jumping on the bandwagon ahead of time.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government, according to diplomatic sources, offered “concessions on settlement policy, Palestinian land claims and issues with neighboring Arab states, to facilitate a possible strike on Iran.”

A British official said that under such an agreement between Israel and Western nations, an Israeli military operation could become a reality “within the year.”

If this really is the new stance of the same European powers that for years now have believed that fanatics like Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and supreme leader Ayatollah Khamenei can be persuaded by half-hearted sanctions and offers of economic aid, then it sure has taken long enough for them to see the light.

And even if Israel cannot cut a deal with them on a Palestinian state, the fact that they’re willing to accept military action against Iran is an admission their so-called “tough diplomacy” has been failing all along.

Apparently, a whole series of realities have come crashing down on the wishful thinkers.

For one thing, Israel is making it clear it means business. Two Israeli Saar-class missile ships recently traveled through the Suez Canal into the Red Sea; it also sent a Dolphin-class submarine — almost certainly armed with nuclear-tipped cruise missiles — to Suez a week and a half ago, which then returned to the Mediterranean.

“Israel is investing time in preparing itself for the complexity of an attack on Iran,” an Israeli defense official told the Times.

An additional reality is the shattering of the myth that Iran can in any way be seen as a legitimate representative government.

Many in the media often contended that Ahmadinejad was a democratically-elected president. But in fact the field of candidates was severely limited by the unelected Khamenei’s fiat when Ahmadinejad was first elected in 2005, as well as in this year’s voting travesty.

With protesters gunned down on the streets by regime-sponsored thugs after Ahmadinejad’s obvious stolen re-election last month, and all dissent now apparently crushed, the outside world has come to see how monstrous the mullahs’ rule really is.

It’s clear that a regime that will kill its own people to stifle internal opposition will do unimaginably worse things against its perceived external enemies if it attains weapons of mass destruction.

Yet another reality is the fact that other Muslim countries in the Middle East have come to fear Iran’s growing threat so much they actually want their historical enemy, Israel, to deal with it. Egypt, for instance, allowed the Israeli vessels passage and actually cooperated in regular military drills with the Israelis.

After such a long history of distrust, even war, Israel may end up becoming the best friend of Mideast Arab nations. For years now, Arabs have watched the West do little as Tehran’s apocalyptic jihadists threaten to dominate neighboring Muslim governments with the overwhelming power of WMDs.

In the coming weeks, Israel will use U.S. military facilities to hold both anti-ballistic missile and F-16 fighter jet exercises. As an Israeli official remarked, the timing of these very public maneuvers, meant to “showcase Israel’s abilities,” is no coincidence.

That raises the question of U.S. policy.

We’re already explicitly helping Israel in exercises related to a strike on Iran — an assault that may well end up having the support of European powers and Mideast Arab nations. The U.S. will inescapably be seen as the primary facilitator of such an attack.

That being the case, President Obama should now abandon the fanciful rhetoric about talking Iran out of its nuclear ambitions.

We should join those in both Europe and the Arab Middle East who have come to know that this Nazi-like threat to the world cannot be appeased away.


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