Zionish Organization of America; Michigan Region

June 30, 2009
From National ZOA Office

ZOA Praises Netanyahu For Positions On Jewish State, Jerusalem, Incitement, Natural Growth & Conflict’s Roots — But Opposes Unilateral Concession of Accepting Conditional PA State
June 15, 2009
Contact: Morton A. Klein

The Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) has welcomed several aspects of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech – his statement of the conflict’s basis in Arab non-acceptance of Jewish statehood; the need for Palestinians to accept Israel and end terror and incitement; that Jerusalem should remain undivided; that Jews stem from the Jewish homeland and are not European interlopers; stating the fact that Israeli territorial concessions has led to more attacks and bloodshed; asserting the need for Jewish communities in the territories to enjoy normal life, growth and development; declaring that Palestinian refugees and their descendants must be settled outside Israel; and warning of the danger of radical Islam and nuclear weapons – but regards as a major, mistaken and unilateral concession his declaration that Israel will accept the establishment of a Palestinian state on various, unenforceable conditions, i.e., a demilitarized state that is not permitted to have alliances with Israel’s enemies.

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In the News

June 3, 2009

For the first time in America’s decades of jousting with Israel over West Bank settlements, an American president seems to have succeeded in isolating the settlements issue and disconnecting it from other elements of support for Israel.

It is a disentanglement now seen most clearly in Congress, which in the past served as Israel’s stronghold against administration pressure on the issue. But when Israeli leader Benjamin Netanyahu came to Capitol Hill for a May 18 meeting after being pressed by President Obama to freeze the expansion of West Bank settlements, he was “stunned,” Netanyahu aides said, to hear what seemed like a well-coordinated attack against his stand on settlements. The criticism came from congressional leaders, key lawmakers dealing with foreign relations and even from a group of Jewish members.

They included Massachusetts Democrat John Kerry, who heads the Senate Foreign Relations Committee; Democrat Carl Levin of Michigan, who chairs the Senate Armed Services Committee; California Democrat Howard Berman, chairman of the House Foreign Relations Committee, and California Rep. Henry Waxman, a senior Democrat.

The Jewish lawmakers among them believed “it was their responsibility to make him [Netanyahu] very, very aware of the concerns of the administration and Congress… To see the rest of the story please click here

June 25th’s Daily Alert from Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs prepared for American Jewish Organizations had a number of informative articles, including the following:

Gilad Shalit: In terrorist captivity since 25 June 2006
Israel Ministries of Foreign Affairs

On June 25, 2006, Corporal Gilad Shalit (later promoted to Staff Sergeant) was kidnapped by Hamas terrorists within Israeli territory, near the Kerem Shalom crossing. The kidnapping was part of an unprovoked and well-planned attack which involved seven terrorists, armed with explosive charges, anti-tank missiles, light arms and more, and which made use of a tunnel under the Israel-Gaza border. During the course of the attack, an IDF soldier, Staff Sergeant Pavel Slutzker, and an officer, Lieutenant Hanan Barak, were killed, while five other were wounded.
June 25, 2009 marks three years of Staff Sergeant Shalit’s captivity. Hamas continues to refuse Red Cross access to the kidnapped soldier.

To read the full article please clickhere

Analysis: Obama’s settlement focus handcuffing negotiations

With Defense Minister Ehud Barak scheduled to fly back to Washington on Monday for another round of talks about construction in the settlements, it is instructive to ask at this point what exactly US President Barack Obama is trying to achieve by pushing Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu to the wall on this issue.
For the full article please click here

ZOA – Michigan Region’s Mission:

· Present a rich array of informative speakers discussing crucial issues of our time.
Promote legislation in Congress to cut off funding to Fatah and Hamas from the U.S.
· Raise funds to create scholarships to send students to study in Israel.
· Safeguard the interests of Israel on Capitol Hill, in the courts, on campus and in the media.

To see the daily alerts, go to http://www.dailyalert.org/

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