FROM THE LEFT: Obama Is Right Not To Shoot From the Hip

June 23, 2009

Obama Is Right Not To Shoot From The Hip

By RICHARD COHEN | IBD 23 June 2009 |  my notes is blue

richard_cohen copyThe foreign policy sins of the United States fall into two categories: commission and omission.

The commission ones include the wars in Vietnam (but there we were trapped – as party to SEATO: SOUTH EAST ASIA TREATY ORGANIZATION) and Iraq… and we learn over again that treaties supercede our Constitution.

When will we learn?
Our first President told us quite clearly to avoid entangling alliances.

The sins of omission are less well-known. They include the failure to redeem the hollow promises to various subjugated peoples — the Hungarians of 1956, the Shiites of 1991 — that America would come to their aid.

In Iran, the Obama administration is intent on not adding to this list.

The current policy, much criticized by prominent Republicans, vindicated VINDICATED!? Barack Obama’s boast in his Cairo speech that he is a “student of history.”     We all know that he is NOT a student of history. The student in him knows that the worst thing the United States could do at the moment is provide the supreme leader and the less supreme leaders with the words to paint the opposition as American. Still, if McCain, Graham and others have a valid complaint, it is not with Obama’s words but with his music. The President of Cool seems emotionally disconnected from events in Tehran — not unconcerned but not particularly upset, either.

[vindicated: vin·di·cate 1. to clear somebody or something of blame, guilt, suspicion, or doubt 2.    to show that somebody or something is justified or correct.

“…vindicated”? it did nothing of the kind! It proved, once again, that Obama knows nothing of history.  Few lawyers do – and it’s quite debatable whether we could call Obama a lawyer.

Cohen: This is a quality that will cost Obama plenty in coming years. He can acknowledge your pain, but he cannot feel it.

[This “quality” will cost Obama – but the real cost will be charged against America.]

Cohen: Iran, the first foreign policy “crisis,” alerts us to what to expect in the future: a tightly controlled message from the White House (anyone heard from Hillary Clinton lately?), a deliberate consideration of the options and no shoot-from-the-hip remarks.

[Many Americans are finally awakening to the question – who is Obama? Is he a Muslim or an American?]

Cohen: This is how Obama ran his campaign. This is how he’ll run his foreign policy. As McCain should know, it works.


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