Hydrogen Powered Car | Riversimple

June 19, 2009

Britain-based Riversimple, a company founded by former race car driver Hugo Spowers and backed by Porsche scion Sebastian Piech, Tuesday unveiled the prototype for a two-seat, hydrogen powered car promising fuel consumption equivalent to 360 miles per gallon (106 kilometers/liter).

Riversimple bills itself as a company dedicated to making highly energy efficient vehicles using a “radical new approach to personal mobility.”

Instead of selling the car, touted as the world’s first low-cost and practical hydrogen vehicle, Riversimple says it plans to lease it, for about 200 British pounds ($315) per month — for the car’s expected 20-year lifetime. Leases would include refueling.

{That’s $325 x 12 x 20 = $78,000 plus interest. And imagine driving? this for 20 years?!  – Picture Obama and Michelle and the two girls?}

Production may begin by 2013, it said.

The Riversimple prototype with its doors open



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