Report: Terrorist Precursor Crimes

June 16, 2009

From a friend:

Margaret Thatcher is credited with saying that to reduce the threat posed by terrorists, you must starve them of the oxygen of publicity upon which they depend. However, there is considerable research to support the belief that cutting off their funding is just as important.

Terrorists are now relying more and more on non-terroristic, precursor crimes to financeĀ their terrorism. It also appears that they are diversifying and expanding the types of crimes they commit, as the attached document – excerpted and condensed from a Congressional Research Service report – exemplifies.

Faced with a decline in state sponsorship, amateurization and decentralization of terror, improvements in counterterrorism, and shifts in their profiles, terrorists have increased pre-attack criminal activity. And the vast majority of it is domestic, even in cases where the campaigns that benefit from its success are international. All of which makes it incumbent upon every citizen to become aware of its telltale signs, and the means for reporting it to appropriate authorities.


Download Full Report (.pdf)


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