Moses brings Ten Commandments to Boca Raton

June 16, 2009

A wonderful story – wonderful tribute.

Philanthropist commissioned giant replica before he died

By Patty Pensa and Erika Pesantes |Sun Sentinel

June 4, 2009

BOCA RATON – As God prescribed the Ten Commandments to Moses, so too has another man named Moses become the purveyor of biblical law in Boca Raton.

Wayne Moses, a longtime philanthropist, commissioned a 4,500-pound marble stone inscribed with the Ten Commandments before he died three months ago at age 78. On Thursday, it was dedicated at Royal Palm Place, a plaza where the 6-foot monument has been on view to passersby for about a month.

But the dedication instead became a celebration of Moses.

“His position was very strongly that the Ten Commandments should be placed anywhere, whether government [land] or not,” said Chuck Laser, a member of the Humanitarian Society that Moses founded in 1988. “He felt that those Ten Commandments were the most important thing in a man’s life.”

Moses was a devout Christian who often donated money to advance Christian ideology. In 1986, he gave $5,200 to the Broward County Main Library for a replica of the Gutenberg Bible, considered to be the first book printed with movable type.

He also carried business cards with the words “God bless us, everyone” printed in the background, and dedicated his life and a handsome inheritance to the Humanitarian Society.

The group has sent thousands of care packages to troops in Iraq, and at Christmas gave out 10,000 toys to children in Palm Beach and Broward counties. The group also has fed 5,000 people over the years, Laser said.

At its peak, the group had approximately 2,500 members.

The nonprofit Humanitarian Society raised money through society balls, but Moses was its lifeblood. The group disbanded after his March 18 death and distributed its final $30,000 to local charities, Laser said.

A somber Louis Labadini, the group’s co-founder, said that he and Moses agreed to not continue without the other.

Labadini said the unmarried Moses’ death was sudden and caused by a lung problem.

Plaza owners Marta and James Batmasian donated space for the heather-gray stone tablets raised on a platform. The other side of the stone contains the Beatitudes, blessings from Jesus found in the gospels of Matthew and Luke.

“Everyone in Dr. Wayne’s world would live happily every after,” said Marta Batmasian, who knew Moses for about 20 years. “With his passion, his tenacity, his enthusiasm, positive attitude and his smile, above all, he inspired us all.”


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