Great Local Article – Torturing Terrorists…What About Abortion?

June 15, 2009

Other voices: If torturing terrorists is so bad, what about unborn babies?

by Judy Bloss | Ann Arbor News

Monday June 08, 2009, 9:50 AM

We are hearing a great deal from our president lately about our values; about loss of our “moral bearings” … how we must stop violating “our ideals and our values.” We must, according to our president, “stick to who we are” in order to “restore our image in the world.”

Perhaps it is time to ask ourselves: “Who are we?” What exactly is it we are “sticking to”? We know that the president believes that many procedures ranging in severity up to and including waterboarding constitute “torture” and not simply “enhanced interrogation techniques” even when applied only to three individuals who have been determined to be:

1. Senior members of Al-Quaida or an associated group such as Jemmah Islamiyyah, Egyptian Islamic Jihad, etc.

2. Individuals who have knowledge of imminent terrorist threats against the U.S. or our allies.

3. Individuals who have had direct involvement in planning or preparing such terrorist actions.

4. Individuals who if released constitute a clear and continuing threat to the U.S. or its allies.

Techniques that are deemed by the president to constitute “torture” include:

1. Dietary manipulation (a nutritionally adequate but incredibly boring diet).

2. Nudity.

3. Attention grasp. (Frightening the prisoner by grabbing the lapels of his shirt and pulling him to the interrogator).

4. Facial slap (an insult slap, very carefully defined as to where the slap must be administered and what position the fingers must be in, etc.)

Well perhaps, you get the idea. These techniques become somewhat more severe in numbers 5-12 where twelve is sleep deprivation. The most severe technique unquestionably is waterboarding. Please “google” the “Torture Memos” and read them for yourselves. I did. Notice, please, all the safeguards that are spelled out in great detail. And observe as well that the requirement that the enhanced interrogation techniques have “no lasting effect” has been met.

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the mastermind behind the deaths of 3,000 innocent people on 9/11; the man who openly bragged about beheading Daniel Pearl with a butcher knife; the man who answered routine interrogation methods about further attacks with the cryptic remark: “Soon you will see” is alive and well. So are Abu Zubaydah, co-conspirator with KSM on the 9/11 attacks and Director of Al-Quaida terrorist training camps and Hambali, the mastermind behind the Bali bombings that killed 202 civilians and maimed many more.

Now let us compare these methods of “torture” that arguably saved thousands of American lives with the current state of American law and practice regarding unborn Americans. Mr. President, you have stated unequivocally: “We do not torture”. Indeed! The fact is, we are a people who have legitimized by court decision, executive order and with taxpayer funding, the most barbaric, brutal forms of death imaginable perpetrated on the tiniest, most vulnerable human beings at our mercy.

While you, Mr. President, served in the Illinois State Senate, you called a fully born baby a “fetus.” You often say that “words matter” and they certainly do. Could it be that you intentionally chose that particular word in order to justify leaving that fully-born baby on the counter of the hospital utility room to die? After all “fetuses” are people we can abort, but “babies” are another matter. Is this torture? If not, why not?

Or consider bathing the fetus in a salt solution that burns the skin and causes the baby to die from ingesting the solution. Is this torture? If not, why not?

Or, the method known as partial-birth abortion, where the doctor grabs the foot of the baby, pulls it from the womb, and when the head is lodged in the cervix, inserts curved Metzenbaum scisssors into the baby’s skull, opens the blades to enlarge the wound, sticks a powerful suction cannula into the opening, and sucks out the baby’s “skull contents.” Is this torture? If not, why not?

Maybe Americans would be in favor of getting rid of these “late-term abortions.” First and second trimester abortions are probably much more humane. But…are they?

Early second trimester abortions (beyond 13 weeks) are often done by a procedure in which the “doctor” twists off first one limb, then another, and then the third and fourth. The baby may well be alive not only after the first arm is removed, but also after succeeding limbs are removed. Is this torture? If not, why not?

Well then let us only do first trimester abortions. The “doctor” just inserts a cannula with very powerful suction, and shreds the baby, in the womb. Have you ever seen an ultrasound of a tiny human being trying to escape from the suction? I have. The baby looked as if he was trying to put his thumb in his mouth…for comfort…I cried. Wouldn’t you?

Is this torture? If not, why not?

To me, it seems crystal clear that we believe in torturing and killing unborn American babies, while “empathizing” with the most brutal Islamist terrorists. Is this “who we are”? If it is, do we really want to “stick to” who we are?

Judy Bloss is a resident of Ypsilanti.


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