Report: WMD CIA

June 10, 2009

Notwithstanding all the current brouhaha over what the CIA did or did not tell Congress about enhanced interrogation techniques, the Agency provides an abundant amount of meaningful information to congressional intelligence committees and leadership. Attached is a recently released report that typifies what they receive regularly via the Agency.

Of particular interest and concern in this document is the assessment in section I of Iran’s acquisitions of nuclear, ballistic missile, chemical and biological technology. Also very significant is the Iranian activity in the proliferation of advanced conventional weapons, summarized in section IV.

A new report from the staff of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee to its members states that “there is no sign that Iran’s leaders have ordered up a bomb. But unclassified interviews…make clear that Iran has moved closer to completing the three components for a nuclear weapon – fissile material, warhead design and delivery system.”

In the transmittal letter that accompanied this report to his Committee, chairman John Kerry writes that “Resolving [suspicions about] the [nuclear] issue will be one of the most difficult confronting negotiators for the two countries and the international community.” In light of the attached document, as well as all the dialogue from Iran on this matter to date, that’s quite an understatement!





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