BREAKING NEWS FLASH!!! Disgruntled Iraqis

June 10, 2009


On this weeks show we have an Iraqi Combat Veteran who breaks news on what is happening in Iraq on the ground.  Sgt. R and Mustang Captain Steve Klein(Ret) report that Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Syria via Al-Qaedaare paying Iraqi citizens to kill our soldiersThe blood money is on a sliding scale based on rank from $100’s of dollars up to tens of thousands of dollars. We learn the new term “Disgruntled Iraqis” who fire on our troops but are not being held when captured because of rules sent down by flag grade officers far from the field of battle.  In other words,  a Disgruntled Iraqi can kill our soldiers in the field of battle and then are let go because they are not technically with Al-Qaeda.  Those DI’s (Disgruntled Iraqi) who are killed,  their families are well compensated (with) Saudi, Iran, and Syria money. These rules of engagement are not meant to win the war but result in getting our soldiers wounded and killed.

Go to www.RadioJihad.org and listen now.

Email the news agencies below and demand they report this story.  All facts have been cross checked for accuracy.


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