Osama Obama “Planting Seeds of Hatred”

June 4, 2009

New Bin Laden Recording Accuses Obama of Planting Seeds of Hatred Across America

by Steven Emerson
Interview on MSNBC
June 3, 2009

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CONTESSA BREWER: And so, while the President is in the Middle East trying to build friendships with the Muslim World, Osama Bin Laden says it will accomplish the opposite – that it will actually make enemies.

With me now, live on this new Osama Bin Laden tape, terrorism expert, Steve Emerson.

Steve, what do you make of the timing?

STEVEN EMERSON: I think that the President – I think that the head of Al Qaeda is obviously exploiting the fact that the President is coming to Cairo and he is using that opportunity to make his opinions felt, and they will be felt, as will the opinions of his deputy, Ayman al-Zawahiri, who made a vicious attack on the President yesterday. The fact is, Ayman al-Zawahiri’s place of birth is Cairo, and the fact that they are using this opportunity to bash the administration for its “anti Muslim policies,” I think, unfortunately is going to resonate.

I don’t think the President really has a chance of trying to reverse that opinion given the fact that most of the opinion leaders – the media, the academia, the religious establishment in the Muslim World – consistently and continuously has voiced anti-American opinion and attacks on American policies since the new President began.

BREWER: It’s interesting though, because we’ve seen this recent poll that shows that 8 out of 11 Arab countries show double-digit jumps in the amount of positive feelings toward the United States. Ayman al-Zawahiri released a statement about the President’s trip, and now Osama bin Laden – an indication that Al Qaeda is running scared?

EMERSON: No, not an indication at all. Look, those public opinion polls are very transitory; they can be changed on a dime’s notice. And the fact is, that when you specify “what do you agree with the American policy?” then you find the numbers drop off entirely. The reality is that if you asked those that say they have a new respect for the new administration they will tell you that they expect now that Israel will be forced to withdraw to the pre-’67 borders, that the United States will withdraw from Iraq and from Afghanistan, the United States will withdraw from the Persian Gulf. That’s their idea of the “new respect for the Muslim World.” That’s not realistic policy – that’s not going to happen. The fact is, the U.S. has interest in those areas and those are going to continue.

BREWER: Steve, thank you so much for joining us. I do appreciate that.

Detailed List of Sensitive Nuclear Sites Mistakenly Posted Online

by Steven Emerson
Interview on MSNBC
June 3, 2009

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CONTESSA BREWER: Jeff, so the government accidentally released information about where the U.S. stores fuel for nuclear weapons and even more highly confidential nuclear information here. The government printing office mistakenly posted online a 266-page report detailing the exact locations of stockpiles of enriched uranium and some weapons testing locations.

With me now, terrorism expert Steve Emerson. This is a big deal, isn’t it?

STEVEN EMERSON: It is a big deal. The fact is there are some people who say, well all this information could have been collected in disparate places on the internet and could have been assembled separately. But the fact that it is aggregated in one single document available for terrorists or for criminals to exploit is I think very, very alarming because they can steal the material, they can bomb the material, they can use the material for terrorist activities. There are a host of other actions that can be exploited because of the concentration of this material.

BREWER: John Deutsch, who is a former director of the CIA and former Deputy Defense Secretary, says screw ups like these happen from time to time. The thing is, when you’re looking at the particulars of Los Alamos, Livermore, Oak Ridge – there is information here that terrorists could use. How concerned – now I know the printing office has taken it offline – but how concerned do terrorism experts now need to be or the nation’s security officials need to be about the information that may have already gotten in the hands of those who would use it against us?

EMERSON: Well I think it’s really common knowledge that most of those installations that you mentioned already have enriched uranium located on their sites. The question is how specific was the information. This detailed website gave the exact physical locations of where the enriched tubes were located that had the enriched uranium. Question is, is it more easy for terrorists to exploit this information here and obtain the weapon-grade uranium, or can they obtain it overseas – let’s say from the former Soviet republics. I would suggest that it’s easier to obtain overseas, and yet by having it concentrated in one area makes it a very inviting site for potential terrorist let’s say attacks to say, now we know this is a place that has the uranium, let’s attack it.

BREWER: Given the fact that it was confidential, though not classified – and the New York Times is pointing out there are inquiries that have already been started – is there likely to be any repercussions for the people who put this online?

EMERSON: I think so. Look, definitely a screw up. Somebody is going to take the fall for this. The fact that it is confidential, not classified, and somebody saying, well it’s already out there; they’re trying to cover up for potential problems here. Somebody’s going to have to take responsibility. No one has so far. Everyone has been pointing the finger at somebody else.

BREWER: Steve, thanks.

New Osama Bin Laden Recording Slams President Obama’s Mideast Trip

by Steven Emerson
Interview on MSNBC
June 3, 2009

Click here to see the video:

CONTESSA BREWER: Steve Emerson is a terrorism expert.

So, Steve, on one hand you have the President going to win hearts and minds, you have Osama Bin Laden trying to hold on to hearts and minds, is he still an effective communicator?

STEVEN EMERSON: That remains to be seen. My feeling is this tape that was released by Osama [Bin Laden] was probably made within the last month. There aren’t many contemporaneous events that are referred to [in the tape]. The real substantive tape was made by his deputy, Ayman al-Zawahiri, who has a large following in Egypt. There is going to be competition for the attention of the Muslim World between what the President says and what Ayman al- Zawahiri says. What I fear, however, is that the president has raised expectations to the point that the Muslim World feels he is going to deliver everything. That together with Ayman al-Zawahiri’s critique of saying where the U.S. has engaged in crimes against Islam, I think, is setting up the President for a big fall. I hope I am wrong, but I fear that is going to happen.

CARLOS WATSON: Steve, so what kind of recruiting success are we seeing Al Qaeda and even the Taliban to some extent and other groups have in the last six months since Obama has taken office.

Do you know?

EMERSON: Well, that is a very interesting question. Obviously we saw in Pakistan that the Taliban has made very, very big progress in terms of advancing towards territorial control. In Afghanistan, they’ve made progress. In the United States, interestingly enough, we have seen now a series of Jihadist events: the Bronx plot last weekend, the shooting yesterday of the recruiter in Little Rock – I understand that is actually part of a larger network of Americans who went and trained in Yemen and came back with the idea of carrying out Jihad. So I think the Al Qaeda network is on the rise.

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