El Insulza Conspiracy

June 2, 2009

From IBD

2 June 09

Americas: The push by the Organization of American States to admit Cuba as a member at its general assembly in Honduras is a mockery of its democratic charter. How did it come to this? Start with its leadership.

It should come as no surprise that tyrants like Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez and Nicaragua’s Daniel Ortega are leading a new charge to admit Cuba as a full member at the OAS meeting in Tegucigalpa Tuesday. This is what comes of tolerating wolves in sheep’s clothing.

OAS Secretary-General Jose Miguel Insulza has sat placidly as Chavez and Ortega have masticated democracy in their own countries. Insulza is violating his own imperative to kick these tyrants out, because one of the rules of OAS membership is that all members be democracies. They’ve violated the Inter-American Democratic Charter since it was enacted in Lima, Peru, on Sept. 11, 2001.

Now begins the descent: Cuba’s pawns in the OAS are using their presumed legitimacy as democracies to open the door to Cuba’s brutal dictatorship, rendering the idea of democracy meaningless.

If that happens, the OAS will become just another anti-American talk shop, with Cuba driving the agenda.

Creepily enough, it will be financed by America, which bankrolls most of the OAS. The Obama administration is aware of this and thinking about yanking OAS funds if Castro sails in as full member.

If that happens, it will mark the nadir of the Insulza record as secretary-general since 2005. It calls to mind that he was enthusiastically supported by Chavez. The U.S. strongly opposed Insulza, supporting even Mexico’s Luis Ernesto Derbez, whom our policymakers distrusted as two-faced, to keep Insulza out. It now raises questions of what they knew of him beforehand.

At the time of his election, Insulza declared: “The guarantee of respect for the fundamental rights of citizens, the rule of law, civil liberties, respect for minorities and for the institutions of the democratic system is crucial,” he said. “It is imperative that the commitments adopted under the Inter-American Democratic Charter be wholly adhered to.”

Today all those have been violated in spades in Venezuela and Nicaragua, yet Insulza hasn’t raised a peep.

“You took an oath as secretary-general of the OAS to protect and preserve the democracies of the Americas, to fight against tyranny and ensure human rights are protected. Nothing is more fundamental to human rights than the right to free expression, and yet this is what is being desecrated in the oldest democracy in Latin America, Venezuela,” wrote the Human Rights Foundation in 2007, pleading with Insulza to raise questions. He didn’t, and even dismissed the idea of expelling Venezuela when he was asked, leaving it with its democratic legitimacy intact.

With standards now that low, Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua will have the green light to wreak havoc in their own democracies — shutting down opposition media, manipulating neighbors’ elections, threatening to invade their neighbors because they know that with the pliant Insulza at the helm, nobody will stop them.

(A little history: Cuba was thrown out of the OAS not because it was communist, but because its bearded guerrillas launched a Normandy-style invasion against Venezuela to topple its democratic government in 1962.)

With Venezuela now essentially a pawn of the Castro brothers, and Chavez pushing to move Cuba into the OAS as its 36th member, it looks like Castro’s invasion has finally succeeded, not only without a bang, but without even an Insulza whimper.


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