Tea Party Results

April 16, 2009

Massive: Tax Day Tea Party USA; Updated

As reported by Michelle Malkin • 16 April 2009

I just have one word: Wow. More than 800 tea parties across the country. Here’s your first photo/vid round-up from the events across the country, large and small, every corner of this great nation (hit your refresh button often…I’ll keep updating…11:20pm…just added tons more crowd pix and vid…trying to keep ‘em all in one post to give you the full breadth and scope of the protests — not just the size, but the reach, a true sense of which is missing from the MSM coverage. More coming…):

Raleigh NC sent via iphone by reader Wendy:

Cincinnati via Alex Jamieson h/t Justin Binik-Thomas:


Young Citadel Cadets spoke at the Charleston SC tea party – via Cadet Steven Munoz:

Grand Rapids MI via L.D. at RightMichigan:

Eau Claire WI via reader Dan:

Snowy in Bozeman MT from reader Cara V.:

Vid from Phoenix:

More from Phoenix from KFYI.

Vid from Carson City NV:

Kansas City MO at the WWI memorial:

Pleasanton CA from reader Kell:

White Plains NY via Tom Faranda:

Lafayette IN near Purdue University via CCAV:

Bend OR via Jim F.

NYC via Urban Infidel:

Sacramento via Vern:

Sioux Falls SD tea dumping reenactment:


Greensburg PA:

Lansing MI via Doug Powers:



Washington DC via Ed Frank…

Chicago via Founding Bloggers:


Oklahoma City:


And more from Glenn Reynolds.


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