Steven Emerson and the Grand Deception

March 13, 2009

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Submitted by WILL GRIFFITH, Mar 9, 2009 21:37

Having heard Mr. Emerson on a variety of occasions, I know his humility would dismiss what I am about to say. As a father, husband and American concerned with the future of our country, Steve Emerson has become the Paul Revere of our era.

The ‘kinder-gentler’ approach in the media with regard to Islamic fundamentalist extremism, and the passive, complacent mood of many Americans who have simply forgotten, or have chosen to forget, the threats against our nation, Mr. Emerson remains alert, vigilant and summons us through his passion for the national security of our country, our families and our communities.

Every era has its visionaries, and Mr. Emerson saw the threats against our country long before September 11th, 2001.

I am grateful to Mr. Emerson for his work, his steadfast commitment to the truth and for the work he will continue to do.

May God bless his efforts.

Will Griffith, Chairman
The Griffith Corporation


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  1. Fantastic post

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