“Where was Obama!?”

February 12, 2009

Did anyone from Washington even comment about “Where was Obama!?” D.

Blue Skies For Obama


4 Feb. 09 | IBD

Media: Katrina crashes into New Orleans, FEMA responds feebly and President Bush is blamed for the loss of life and limb. Winter smacks middle America, killing 55, FEMA’s late again, but President Obama gets a pass.

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Last week’s winter storm, paying no attention to Al Gore’s warnings about global warming, has left a trail of dead and broken bodies and wrecked property from the Plains to the East Coast. Of the 55 deaths, 24 have been in hard-hit Kentucky.

Throughout the region, hundreds of thousands are still without power and some survivors have had to resort to using melted snow for their water supply. A shortage of gasoline and heating oil has made life miserable for many.

Kentucky Gov. Steve Beshear called the ice storm “the biggest natural disaster that this state has ever experienced, at least in modern history.” The Federal Emergency Management Agency, however, apparently didn’t get the memo. Much as they did in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, locals are complaining that FEMA has not been swift enough in delivering aid.

Nothing remarkable about that. FEMA, whose performance in the 2005 Katrina disaster wasn’t exactly sterling, is a federal agency that supplements state and local authorities. It’s not an on-site organization and can’t respond instantly. That’s the job of the city, county and state governments.

Sensing that the gloomy stories gushing out of New Orleans were the perfect platform from which to lash into the president, an opportunistic media-political-celebrity pack roundly accused Bush of negligence, incompetence and outright malice.

From rapper Kanye West’s immediate charge that “George Bush doesn’t care about black people” to New York Times columnist Paul Krugman’s blog entry from just over a month ago lamenting that Bush did a “terrible” job of handling of the disaster, smears rained down in a devastating storm of their own.

The bitter criticism achieved its intended effect. Many people believe that Bush’s FEMA response — or more accurately the media’s biased portrayal of it — was the moment he began to lose the public.

Meanwhile, Obama, whose administration on taking office vilified Bush on Katrina, has done no more for the victims of the winter storm. Yet no tirade has been forthcoming from either the media or the loopy orbit of Celebrity Planet.

The double standard is what we’ve come to expect, but it’s not what we should continue to accept.



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