Ex-Gitmo inmate REJOIN CELLS

February 12, 2009

Detainees released from Guantanamo Bay are increasingly returning to the fight against the United States and its allies, Pentagon spokesman Geoff Morrell said Tuesday.

Sixty-one detainees released from the U.S. Naval base prison in Cuba are believed to have rejoined the fight, Morrell said, citing data from December. That’s up from 37 as of last March, he said.

..Obama wants to close the prison but has yet to say what he will do with the estimated 250 current detainees and future captives in the global war on terrorism.

USA TODAY – 14 Jan. 09


One comment

  1. Another bit of PENTAGON PROPAGANDA. The number “61” is Sixty-one possible former detainees that may be associated with people associated with those who are suspected to be associated with those who could be possibly aasociated with someone who is associated with a possible person or persons who are associated with someone suspected to be of interest. In other words, the PENTAGON’s spin on spin to scare people into not wanting GITMO CLOSED.
    USE the brain you were born with. They know of only a HAND full that they have any clear evidence on….. that may be joined a terrorist cell after release but they had NO association with terrorist cells prior to their torture and rendition but they are expected to love us after torture and rendition?
    GITMO is the best training ground Al Qaeda could hope for. It is the US doing it to themselves.
    Al Qaeda wins if they keep the US on edge, pouring all their treasury into a war machine that can only pour people and money into the toilet.
    It is called “TERROR-ISM”

    The Pentagon does not care one iota for the health and safety of any human being in the world; It is all kills, collateral damage and wins; It is all success in destruction and hits; it has no humanity involved.
    They will and have said anything to promote fear and loathing in order to retain their power and position.
    This is just another part.
    So, believe it if you want but ask yourself ONE thing. WHO benefits MOST from releasing a statement with no proof?
    To release statement after statement starting with 37 (March 2008) up to 61 (Jan 2009)back down to 14 (Feb 4 2009) now 61 again (Feb 10)…
    Wouldn’t ya think they would somehow have an accurate number if it was real?
    (Wolf…Wolf….Wolf….The sky is falling….the sky is falling)
    Who benefits most from keeping the US people scared?
    Al Qaeda? They win, sure but financially?
    The Pentagon keeps the money flowing and the toys coming. Keeps them in high ranking positions with lots of power…..
    Old men playing video games…Old men with toy soldiers and airplanes and helicopters and big boats and lots of missiles…
    Ever watch children play war?
    Ever see the big sandbox and the toy men…Blow them up and start all over again….
    Little boys in big useless impotent bodies getting their rocks off blowing things up…

    Do you know Petreaus….That lovely Bush appointed sycophant has already “leaked” lies to the press stating Obama has decided not to get out of Iraq and told him to come up with 3 scenarios for leaving up to 36 months from now….That is a lie. The statement was intentional to disrupt the support Obama has, to anger the left and to push Obama into a corner….
    THAT is your Pentagon at work…..They started this after WWII…There was no need for them….The pkan was to break them up but then came the Big Bear…The Cold War…The Communist Plague…..they had to protect us…
    The Domino Effect….”Let one country fall and the whole world will fall”…..Viet nam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand
    The bear got declawed ao then who is next? Evil Iraq and now Iran…..

    Who REALLY are the Terrorists?
    I actually beleive they sit in a five sided building

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